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24 September 2019

GLS Provides Advanced Segway PT Training to Imlay City PD

The Imlay City Police Department has joined the growing number of law enforcement agencies who will benefit from their purchase of a Segway from Great Lakes Segway in Walled Lake. An important asset that comes with our Segway PTs is the StreetSmart Training, a safety course for the officers who will be riding the Segway. John Smith, owner of Great Lakes Segway, provides the StreetSmart Training to ensure the Segway is employed safely and is safe for the rider and the community. The course also instructs users on how to maintain the equipment so the department can get the maximum use of their new investment.

Chief Pike of the Imlay City Police Department plans to use the Segway to assist with code enforcement, community engagement, and policing of festivals and other community events.

For more information on how Police & Public Safety officials can use the Segway PT in their community please click here. 

Imlay City Police Segways
Imlay City Michigan Segway

“It’s an honor to partner with Chief Pike in their purchase of the Segway X2 and I look forward to a long lasting relationship with the Imlay City Police Department.”
John Smith
Owner of Great Lakes Segway

18 September 2019

Introducing the Segway-Ninebot Max G30 E-Scooter!

Great Lakes Segway in Walled Lake had a new arrival recently, the Segway-Ninebot Max G30 E-Scooter.  With it’s hefty new look, the Max G30 comes with some impressive new specs. Commuters are sure to appreciate the approximate max speed of 15.5 mph with a max range of about 40 miles on a single charge, clearly the longest range within its class. The scooter also comes equipped with a built in fast charging A/C power adapter for less wait time between rides.

The Max includes tubeless pneumatic tires, 10” in diameter, which reduces vibration and increases shock absorption. The result is a smoother and more stable ride. The commuter will enjoy the rear wheel drive as it helps with acceleration, stability and braking. Being able to climb shallow slopes is another perk for commuters.

Stop into Great Lakes Segway in Walled Lake to check out the impressive Segway-Ninebot Max e-Scooter, absolutely a game changer in the electric scooter market. Call us at 248-896-2600 to reserve yours today!

13 March 2019

Did you see us on the Channel 7 News During the Golf Show?

6 March 2019

Walled Lake Police Department Purchases i2 Segway Patroller to Boost Community Policing

Walled Lake Police SegwayThe Walled Lake Police Department just purchased their first Segway i2 Patroller from Great Lakes Segway!  This Patroller comes with StreetSmart upgrades, and will be a huge boost to their community policing efforts.

A Segway i2 Patroller gives a city like Walled Lake new options and solutions for their community outreach, giving them an engaging and fun tool to interact with.  In Walled Lake, community events like the Memorial Day Parade, Summer Beach Party, 4th of July fireworks, and more will be made safer with the i2 Patroller.  Its sleek design, improved sightlines, and distinctive lights will help with crowd control, while also bringing positive attention to the department.

As the Michigan Airline Trail gets completed, Walled Lake’s i2 Patroller will be a key solution in watching over the city’s portion of the trail, as this Patroller can go where cars and carts cannot.

Great Lakes Segway is proud to be a supporter of our local community and department, and would love to help support your city in the same way!

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