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Using Grants for funding Segway PTs and eBikes

Buying a Segway PT for your department isn’t always just a needs-based concern. Great Lakes Segway understands that part of your purchase includes funding considerations, and that not everyone has available funds at all times.

Grants are a way to bridge the financial divide. Upon consultation, Great Lakes Segway will proactively help your department with the assistance needed to find the right grant for you, complete the application process, and deliver your new machines. Our expertise will help make this process go as smoothly as possible for you.

There are many different kinds of grants, all applying to different scenarios, locations, and departments. Please review the following grant types to see if anything could apply to you!

Franklin Police

Homeland Security Grants
The Homeland Security Grant Program has three main initiatives, the State Homeland Security program, Operation Stonegarden, and the Urban Area Security Initiative. Each of these sections combine to over more than $1 billion nationally. Find them here.

Port Security Grants
This program includes every city and territory along an international border, including places along the Great Lakes. Funds are intended to help create a secure border, and border cities. These grants have $100 million in available funds. Find them here.

Green Initiative Grants
Each state’s department of natural resources has a grant program for their parks and public lands. These range from security and law enforcement, to trail and recreation improvement. Michigan is here, Wisconsin is here.

Drug Task Force Grants
The DEA has funds set aside for local departments that assist in national drug prevention missions. By having an officer join a task force, that department is eligible for money and property recovered in the process of law enforcement. Please check with your state for more information.

Firehouse Subs Foundation Grants
Sandwich chain, Firehouse Subs has a grant program available to assist with law enforcement and fire departments. This money is raised via customer and restaurant donations. More information can be found here.

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There are many ways to fund your department’s new Segway PTs. Reach out to us today, and let’s get started on the process that will get you gliding with Great Lakes Segway in 2020! Contact us.