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Trikke is the most unique personal electric mobility device on the market today. A unique three-pointed stance combines with strong construction and durable parts to create a one-of-a-kind experience that is not found anywhere else, but is still easy to learn and master. Trikke is the ultimate electric transportation solution in personal mobility, public safety or commercial use.

Trikke vehicles are robust, professional grade, three-wheeled units with a patented, cambering frame that leans with you into every turn. Riders experience stability, comfort and performance at all speeds, allowing for ease and flexibility of use.

Trikke vehicles quickly fold up for easy portability & deployment, with extended range, easy to swap lithium-ion batteries, allowing for all-day riding, efficiency, and fun.

Public Safety and Security

Looking for an alternative electric patrol vehicle to what your fleet currently offers? Officers can simplify their work week by improving mobility and efficiency throughout indoor and outdoor areas when using the Trikke POSI.TRON, Trikke’s patrol-specific vehicle. The Trikke POSI.TRON combines the strength and durability of the Trikke brand with the accessories needed to not just ride, but patrol.

Personal Use

Trikke vehicles fit perfectly into a variety of active lifestyles, from a downtown commuter each morning to a lakefront retiree heading down the trail each day. Trikke models all share strong construction, stable frame, and high-powered batteries, making Trikke the right choice for you, no matter the model. Trikke is the ride of choice in many different groups, from those just having fun, to tour companies, to security patrol. Just as Trikke can fit in their lifestyles, it can fit in yours too!

If you have any other questions on specific models, or want to take a Trikke for a test drive, contact us today!

Tour Companies

Are you looking to grow and expand your tour company? Are you looking for a new vehicle to replace and diversify your fleet? The Trikke Freedom is the ride for you.

The Trikke Freedom combines the strong construction and easy learning curve of Trikke with a cost-friendly price point that makes it easier to buy in bulk. Once you take a Trikke for a test drive, you will be ready for more…and so will your riding customers!