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Cycleboard Elite Pro

Cycleboard Elite Pro

The Ultimate in Performance

Elite Pro is a hyper-fast, hyper-agile electric vehicle engineered with the perfect power to weight ratio for peak performance. The custom-designed pneumatic street tires offer maximum grip enhancing stability for carving and high speed turns. Elite Pro’s electronics powerhouse combines an 48v 1000w Brushless/Gearless silent rear hub motor with a 614wh battery for instant acceleration and faster top speeds. Elite Pro comes equipped with full suspension for vibration absorption and a smoother ride. Responsive brakes combine hydraulic braking with electronic braking for complete control. Elite Pro’s Intuitive 3-wheel, lean to steer design with patented linkage system (PLS) combines the ultimate experience in steering and stability with the power and performance to guarantee a thrilling ride every time you take it out.


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Product Specs

Range Travel up to 25 miles

Top Speed Get there faster with a 27 mph top speed and remarkable acceleration

Hill Climbing Climb up to a 25% grade with power and ease Suspension Independent front suspension + rear suspension absorbs shock and dampens vibration for a smooth and responsive ride on a variety of road conditions.

Tires Pneumatic front tires with proprietary steel belt design to maintain a flat surface for maximum traction when turning and carving

Frame Aircraft grade aluminum chassis with reinforced stainless steel handle: The Elite Pro is built to be ridden thousands of miles for multiple years

Brakes Hydraulic disc brake + Electronic braking for the ultimate in braking performance and control: come to a smooth stop at any speed

Security Frame lock location