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Cycleboard Golf

Cycleboard Golf

Personal Golf Vehicle

The CycleBoard GOLF is a remarkably fun and safe personal Golf vehicle designed for golfers to quickly go directly to their own ball and reduce the time it takes to play a round by nearly 50%.   Packed full of features like full suspension and larger 10” pneumatic tires, a high torque geared hub motor with a 4.3:1 gear ratio and an 1152 watt hour extended range battery, this vehicle is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in mixed terrain environments. Responsive hydraulic brakes and one hand throttle operation combined with our 3-wheel, intuitive lean to steer design offers the ultimate experience in steering and stability and the freedom to enjoy the game of golf in an exciting new way.




Product Specs

Range Travel up to 40 miles with the extended range 60v 19.2Ah LG battery

Top Speed 13 MPH Top Speed is safe and effective for golf course use

Speed Modes 3 Pre-set speed limits for maximum rider control in any environment

Hill Climbing Climb up to a 40% grade with power and ease

Suspension Independent front suspension + rear suspension absorbs shock and dampens vibration for a smooth and responsive ride on a variety of road conditions.

Tires Pneumatic all-terrain tires with proprietary steel belt designed to maintain a flat surface for maximum traction when turning and carving

Frame Aircraft grade aluminum chassis with reinforced stainless steel handle: CycleBoard Golf is built to be ridden thousands of miles for multiple years

Brakes Hydraulic brake with vented rear disc

Security Frame lock location