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New Extended Range Lithium Ion Batteries (PT Addon)

New Extended Range Lithium Ion Batteries (PT Addon)

The all new, Segway, Inc. produced Extended Range lithium-ion batteries, allows you to increase your Segway i2’s travel capacity from 24 miles (with the prior lithium-ion batteries) to 36 miles with the new, Extended Range batteries, and increase your X2’s travel capacity from 12 to 24 miles of range.

Extended Range batteries are backwards compatible, and can fit on any Segway model ranging from Gen 1, Gen 2 or SE models. These batteries will work with all i2, x2, i2SE, X2SE, XT, i180, i170, i167, and other Gen 1 Segways capable of using Lithium Batteries.

We are the leading seller of Segway PT batteries!

Looking to upgrade to Extended Range batteries? We offer a trade-in credit of $500 for your previous working batteries, and will ship out your new Extended Range batteries right away! Click here to contact us

Please note: Segway PTs require 2 batteries to operate.

$2,198 per set ($1,099.00 per single battery)




Why purchase authentic Segway Extended Range batteries?
It is important to choose Segway batteries from an authorized Segway Dealer. Our Extended Range batteries come in the original box and are certified and purchased directly from the manufacturer. Additionally they come with a one-year manufacturers’ warranty, further ensuring your peace of mind. Upon receiving your order, we send the batteries via FedEx Ground to arrive within two to three days directly to your doorstep.

Why is it important to buy from Great Lakes Segway?
Great Lakes Segway is a leading Authorized Segway Dealer, with our new Extended Range lithium-ion batteries coming directly from the manufacturer. Additionally, GLS started in the Segway business in 2010, and we have been helping customers with Segway products for over 10 years.

Our store closely works with Segway Inc., and is a Level 3 (advanced) Service and Repair Center, on top of being an Authorized Dealer. We know everything there is to know about Segway PTs and are here to help you. Don’t just buy from anyone, buy from the trusted experts!

Choose Segway battery sellers carefully!
You may find other sellers of Segway batteries, non-authorized sellers, offering inexpensive or refurbished replacement batteries. Those are not the same batteries, and don’t have the same warranty and quality that factory-new batteries have. While you may save money in the short term, you may be ultimately wasting your money and needing to buy again to enjoy your Segway PT.

What makes our batteries Extended Range?
Our batteries are Extended Range because Segway has improved their battery quality. These batteries are Segway factory batteries, and it’s all that Segway has produced since October 2019. Our batteries are Segway batteries, from the company to the dealer, to you.

Are the Extended Range batteries that I am buying new?
The Extended Range batteries that you will receive are completely new, in their original box from the factory. These batteries have never been used, and come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How can I test to determine if my batteries need to be replaced?
One common complaint that we get is a dead battery or two upon turning your machine on for the first time in a while. The lights that you see on startup or after plugging in should both display a green light. If one or both are red, that means you need a new battery.

You may also have battery issues if your Segway hasn’t been kept in optimal conditions – indoors, charging, and out of extreme temperatures. The manufacturer recommends storing your Segway PT including batteries in a safe environment, with an ambient temperature of at least -4° F/-20° C or above. If your machine turns on and has any error codes or displays red lights, please give us a call.

Can Great Lakes Segway sell batteries to customers anywhere in the United States?
We have sold batteries to customers throughout the United States! Great Lakes Segway has proudly served customers throughout the United States! We have positive customer stories and reviews from coast to coast. Our Segway EZ Ship program allows us to ship batteries (and anything else needed, including repaired PTs!) directly to your door safely.

How does shipping work?
Our average shipping time has your batteries arriving in 2 to 3 days. Your batteries are shipped via FedEx Ground, due to Hazmat shipping requirements.

Where are you located?
Great Lakes Segway is located in beautiful downtown Walled Lake, Michigan and our showroom is open for you to pick up parts and machines as well as being able to experience a full range of Segway products. Click here to find or contact us.

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How much further can Extended Range batteries take me?
The all new, Segway, Inc. produced Extended Range lithium-ion batteries, allows you to increase your Segway i2’s travel capacity from 24 miles (with the prior lithium-ion batteries) to 36 miles with the new, Extended Range batteries, and increase your X2’s travel capacity from 12 to 24 miles of range.

Our customers have reported longer riding power and greater efficiency with their PTs, with the Extended Range batteries showing noticeable improvement. For those on their Segways all day long, like security, police, business, and more, that longer range translates to less downtime over the course of the day. 

Do Extended Range batteries replace dead or aging batteries?
Are your batteries starting to wear down? Are you not getting the same charge as previously?

Extended Range batteries are your replacement solution. Like your current batteries, these batteries are Segway-manufactured, and will work with all i2, x2, i2SE, X2SE, XT, i180, i170, i167, and other Gen 1 Segways capable of using lithium batteries.

Does GLS accept trade-ins of working, used batteries?
GLS offers $500 trade-in credit per set of working used batteries. This credit will be applied once the batteries are tested to make sure they are working. Click here to contact us for more information.

What else does GLS provide besides batteries?
We are the leading seller of new and refurbished Segway PTs to customers throughout the United States. As an Authorized Segway Dealer and Level 3 Repair Center, we have a full range of parts and accessories, along with repair services.

If there are any other parts on your PT that are wearing down, GLS has them in stock. Click here for our full range of parts, and feel free to ask if there is anything you don’t see listed. 

If there are any other issues with your Segway, our Level 3 Repair service can help. We can serve anyone in the continental United States, so feel free to reach out!

I have some questions about my Segway. Can I give someone a call?
GLS is always here for you. We can be reached via live chat, email or phone. Please contact us and one of our team members will be happy to help! 

We can be reached at 248-896-2600. Also, you can email us with questions to or click on our live chat found on most pages of our website. We can talk you through any issues you may have, and can assist with all repairs and maintenance.

Do you provide maintenance services?
Regular maintenance is essential for protecting your Segway investment. GLS offers a routine preventative maintenance program that will keep you gliding smoothly.

As a Level 3 Segway Repair Center, GLS is able to fix any problem you may have. With our Segway EZ Ship program, your machine can be shipped to us, repaired, and returned to you in a safe and secure way.

I’m looking for other Segways, can you help?
Great Lakes Segway has many new and refurbished units available for you! All of these Segways are ready to ride. Please see here for more information! We evaluate and consider trade-ins toward the purchase of a new or refurbished Segway unit. 


Charging Time
Before first use: 12 hours
Recharge from empty ~8 hours

Temperature Ranges
Operating: 32° F – 122° F (0° C – 50° C)
Charging: 50° F – 122° F (10° C – 50° C)
Storage and transport: -4° F – 122° F (-20° C – 50° C)

Capacity (Ah) and voltage: 5.2 Ah, 73.6 volts
Dimensions: 14 x 7.5 x 3.2 in (35.7 x 19 x 8.2 cm)
Battery weight (pair): 22.7 lbs (10.3 kg)

Safety Information & Tips

How easy is it to change my batteries?
If this is your first time changing your Segway’s batteries, don’t worry. Segway batteries come with four simple screws, along with an Allen wrench to install.

Once the Segway is powered down, simply unscrew one battery at a time. The batteries are somewhat heavy, so please keep a hand on the battery and keep yourself free of anywhere that a battery may fall.

Install the new batteries with the new screws, and you are ready to go.

Place the old batteries in the Segway battery box for return and recycling. GLS can give you credit for working batteries, and we can dispose of dead batteries.

What do you recommend for keeping batteries fresh when in regular use?
Segway batteries, like any lithium-ion batteries, are meant to be used. Regularly turning on and riding your machine helps preserve the Segway.

Consistent charging is the biggest thing that GLS recommends. When not in use, plug your machine in. If you’re worried about wasting electricity, GLS has timing chargers available for purchase. Ask about including one in your next order.

What do you recommend for keeping batteries safe during the winter or when not in use?
A Segway PT isn’t built to handle extreme temperatures, and your machine can freeze in the winter. Cold weather can freeze the batteries, leading to battery damage in the long-term or a machine that won’t work when cold. If storage is an issue, please ask us for warm and secure storage options!

Do not use a Battery if the Battery casing is broken or if the Battery emits an unusual odor, smoke, or excessive heat or leaks any substance. Avoid contact with any substance seeping from the Batteries.

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Exposure to Battery voltage could result in death or serious injury.
  • Unplug or disconnect the PT from AC power before removing or attaching Batteries or performing any service. Never work on any part of the PT when it is plugged into AC power. You risk serious bodily injury from electric shock as well as damage to the PT.
  • The cells within the Batteries contain toxic substances. Do not attempt to open the Batteries. Do not insert any object into the Batteries or use any device to pry at the Battery casing. If you insert an object into any of the Battery ports or openings you could suffer electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire. Attempting to open the Battery casing will damage the casing and could release toxic and harmful substances, and will render the pack unusable.
  • Observe and follow all safety information on the warning label found on the Batteries.
  • Failure to charge the Batteries could result in permanent damage to them. Left unplugged, the Batteries could fully discharge over time, causing permanent damage.
  • Use only charging devices approved by Segway and never attempt to bypass or override their charging protection circuits.
  • Do not wash the Segway PT with a power washer or high pressure hose. Avoid getting water into the Charge Port. Always close the Charge Port Cover after charging. Avoid exposure to heavy downpours or extended periods of heavy rain (including during riding, storage, or while being transported). Clean with soap and water and a soft cloth. Make sure that the Charge Port is dry before you plug in the Power Cord. Failure to follow these instructions could expose you to electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire.
  • Do not submerge the Batteries or powerbase in water. If you suspect the Batteries or powerbase have been submerged or experienced water intrusion, call Segway Technical Support immediately at 1-866-473-4929, prompt #2. Until you receive further instructions, store the PT upright, outdoors, and away from flammable objects. Do not attempt to remove the batteries. Do not plug the Power Cord into the PT. Failure to follow these instructions could expose you to electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire.
  • As with all rechargeable batteries, do not charge near flammable materials.