Ninebot GoKart Pro

The highly anticipated, game-changing Ninebot-Segway Gokart PRO has arrived! Two years of testing and engineering upgrades have led to this remarkable machine. The Gokart PRO adds a number of enhanced features to the award winning Segway Gokart. The Gokart Pro offers four speed modes and finely-tuned performance, increased durability and safety within the build. This all-new Gokart that takes fun to the MAX!

96Nm Max Torque
Top Speed 23 mph
1.02G Max. Acceleration
15.5 Mile Range
App Control
15% Hill Grade
Height Range: 51″ to 75″


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Additional information

Weight 148 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 35 × 20 in

Four Driving Modes

Suitable for beginners and professionals, everyone can enjoy the ride.

Through the Ninebot app, the GoKart PRO is set up with four speed modes, from 4.97 mph on the Safety Mode up to an exhilarating 23 mph in the Race Mode. Performance is also increased with an aerodynamic rear wing and reflectors, metal pedals, front LED lights, and an overall construction designed for safety and durability.

Get Ready to Drift

Ninebot’s customized high-end brushless motor without a Hall sensor uses pure copper coil and features small internal resistance, reduced heat, and electricity loss, thus improving cruising capacity of kickscooter.

Special Drifting TPE Rear Tires

The unit comes equipped with Ninebot’s high-end brushless motor (designed for efficient speed), and special TPE rear tires built for maximum speed, performance, and fun. The Gokart Pro is designed as a supercar, with the rear engine, rear-wheel-drive, and weight distribution set up to maximize every variable.

Designed as Supercars

The Gokart PRO has an RR design; the rear engine and the rear-wheel-drive are set up like supercars. The weight distribution is designed with 40% front and 60% rear.

Immersive Engine Sounds Simulator Bluetooth Speaker

The Gokart PRO also comes with a connectible Bluetooth speaker, that allows the rider to simulate ambient engine noises or play music. The Segway Ninebot S PRO that serves as the engine on the Gokart PRO can also be detached, to function in stand-up rideable mode.

Aerodynamic Rear Wing

Racecar-Inspired Metal Pedals

High-Traction Steering Wheel

Front LED Light

High-Grip Front Tires

Upgraded Racer Seat