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Recon Sortie eBike

Recon Sortie eBike

The Recon Sortie provides the power and control of a Recon bike along with many unique features for an unparalleled combination of riding experience and ease of use.

The most striking feature is the Sortie’s step-through design, allowing riders of all mobility levels to easily get on the bike. That V-shaped frame means that all riders can get on, from big to small, young to old.

Another key feature is the adjustable handlebars, which can be moved up and down, as well as closer or further away. Once again, the Sortie is a bike for every rider, as the adjustable handlebars allow for a rider to have a more vertical posture while riding, instead of having to lean so far forward.

Ride in comfort and style with a Velo Plush seat, making the Sortie a bike that can be comfortably ridden day after day.

The Sortie is powered with a 750-watt rear hub motor and a 48-volt lithium ion battery. The battery is hot swappable, with extra batteries available to keep your ride going and going. This combination allows for maximum power and range, for even greater adventures. Combined with Kenda 4.0″ tires, and the Sortie is built for a comfortable ride.




Additional Information

Speed – 20 mph
Range – 25-35 miles
Weight 65 lbs
FRAME – AL 6061
MOTOR – 750 Watt Rear Hub
COLOR – Silver