Segway eMoped C80

The Segway eMoped C80 is the first-ever smart moped-style ebike from Segway, a game changer for your daily commute or fun day off. Change your routine for the better, each school day or work day, as you move around with a powerful yet efficient eMoped.

Quick Specs

  • Weight load of 165-220 lbs
  • Top speed of 20 mph
  • Range of 47-52.8 miles
  • Front shock absorption
  • 400 watt brushless motor
  • Front disk and rear drum brakes
  • Electronic Braking System (EBS)
  • Water resistance rating of IPX5 for body and IPX7 for batteries
  • Compatible with free Segway mobile app
  • Auto-security lock


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Additional information

Weight 193 lbs
The eMoped C80 is a compact and lightweight machine, allowing for easy travel and storage over the course of your day. With a weight of less than 121 lbs, and narrow profile to allow the machine to fit in elevators or storage, the eMoped is big enough for a fun ride and small enough to conveniently store in a dorm room, closet, storage unit, or apartment.

Easy to Use

An easy to use, intuitive to learn, and simple design requires just two buttons to use the Moped C80, making it simple to ride from the first trip. With the newly designed lithium-ion battery, your Segway eMoped C80 has maximum range with minimal size and weight! This battery can also be swapped effortlessly and can be charged separately, with a 47-mile range!

LED Headlight

Your travels will light up with the LED halo-shaped headlight. Built with an inner and outer ring light, the eMoped will light your path with an ambient light sensor to enable brightness adjustment based on the environment. As an example, the headlight will brighten up at dusk, providing you needed visibility during that kind of ride.

Anti-Lock Braking

A regenerative, anti-lock braking system provides quality stopping power for your eMoped C80, as the front disk brake is paired with a rear drum brake to ensure fast and stable braking. Ninebot’s EABS system then recoups energy from that action to extend the range. Patented anti-skid tubeless tires also provide another feature for safely coming to a stop.


The AutoCruise feature, allows you to take a break and enjoy the adventure in cruise control. Easy to enable, simply press the multi-functional button located on the right side of the vehicle, select your desired speed, and enjoy the ride.

Smart Seat Detection

Smart Seat Detection works with the intelligent sensors underneath the seat and an electric handlebar lock, where the eMoped will lock itself within 3 seconds of the rider leaving the seat, with the kickstand released.

Airlock System

With the AirLock System, your phone is the key, as the eMoped C80 will be ready to unlock and power on as you get close to the vehicle.

NFC Tags

The Segway eMoped C80 comes with two NFC Tags, keycards that allow someone to swipe above the dashboard to unlock the vehicle.


Lastly, the Auto-Lock can be customized to lock your eMoped C80, where an activated Auto-Lock automatically locks the bike within the preset countdown.
Your eMoped C80 works with the Ninebot app on your phone to create a smart security system that links to your eMoped to detect anything suspicious, including all four security features, to trigger the alarm and notify you as soon as possible of anything unusual. Anything to push, move, or disrupt the eMoped while it is locked will trigger this alarm system, giving you absolute peace of mind.

Included Accessories

  • LED Headlamp and taillights
  • Turn-signals
  • Mirrors