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Segway X2 Turf Tire

Segway X2 Turf Tire

This is your entire wheel kit, not just the rubber tire. The wheel assembly is a genuine Segway part and its size is specific to your x2 Personal Transporter’s software. These turf tires are the ideal choice for rider’s concerned with assuring minimal impact to landscaped grounds. The smooth low-pressure tire diameter is 20″ (50cm) (20×8 R10) and mounts on genuine Segway rims. Unlike the all-terrain model, the wide format and larger footprint of this model disperses payload and therefore minimizes impact on manicured property. Segway requires that PT riders use only genuine Segway wheels and tires given that they are an integral component of your PT. Keep in mind that you may re-use fasteners when replacing a wheel.

Compatible with:
Segway x2
Segway x2 SE

Please Note: This price is for one (1) tire. If you need a set please purchase 2.