Trikke Defender 2WD

Looking for a hybrid ride at moderate speed, with good shock absorption and solid construction? The Trikke Defender 2WD is the machine for you. The twin rear motors will take you where you need or want to go, while you enjoy some physical activity and fresh air. This ride is ready for the night with a set of LED lights and horn. An ultra-long range battery is aided by regenerative e-braking, and the heavy-duty Defender frame is foldable to go anywhere.

Each Trikke unit is custom built and made to order in 3-4 weeks before your unit is shipped.


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  • Hydroformed aluminum Al6061 foldable frame
  • T6 Patented forged cambering system
  • Rear-wheel hydraulic disc brake
  • 140mm brake rotors
  • Regenerative e-braking
  • Front fork with hydraulic shocks
  • Rear swing arms with spring shocks
  • Quick-swap Li-ion Battery 48V 1176Wh (24.5 Ah)
  • All-wheel drive / direct drive motors
  • Peak power of 1700W
  • Top speed of 25mph (40 km/h)
  • Range up to 25 miles (40 km)
  • Acceleration (0-20mph) in 10-15s
  • Front fork with hydraulic shocks
  • Rear swing arms with spring shocks
  • Vehicle’s weight with battery of 69lbs

Additional information

Weight 104 lbs