Trikke POSI-TRON | Great Lakes Segway



The POSI.TRON, Trikke’s police-exclusive model, features professional-grade construction, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and the parts needed to patrol with maximum safety and security. POSI.TRON delivers a smooth ride, thanks to full suspension with air shocks, all-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and all-wheel drive. Wide stepping decks, a long range swappable lithium-ion battery, a full police-style siren suite, and five additional ultra bright LED flashing emergency lights provide the complete package of features and amenities. Featuring a powerful 60V battery and electric system, the POSI.TRON will carry up to 300lbs at speeds up to 37mph.

Each Trikke unit is custom built and made to order in 3-4 weeks before your unit is shipped.




This unit, and its extra features, can only be purchased by a police department. Along with other models, Trikke provides a unique electric transportation solution for all forms of patrol. TRIKKE is a great alternative to Segway or e-bikes, and can work as a complementary or featured vehicle in any fleet.