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More speed and extended range while still being foldable and lightweight. It caters to commuters and recreational riders looking for an extra edge.


MAX Mobility, MAX Quality. The KickScooter MAX is designed to be the most sturdy and powerful electric scooter.


Get ready to experience go-karting like never before with power oversteer drifting.


Turn your Ninebot S into a fully-functional Gokart, able to reach top speeds of up to 15 MPH!


Experience greater power, range, and speed. Top speed of nearly 19 mph and a range of up to 28 miles. The bar for high-performance e-scooters has been raised.


Advanced Personal Robot, Mobile AI Sidekick, Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter. LOOMO Is The Future Of Smart Personal Mobility


Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, Available in Black or White. The Ninebot S is a comfortable and convenient ride you can enjoy in no time.


Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter, Intelligent Following Robot


Enhanced speed and range while also being foldable and lightweight. It’s an ideal choice for city-based commuters, college co-eds and teenagers on the move.


Utilizing Segway’s next generation self-balancing technology, just step on and get going effortlessly in minutes.