Return Policy

New Segway PTs & eBikes

A full refund may be issued if all of the following conditions are met:

  • A refund is requested within 10 calendar days of purchase.
  • No more than 3 miles have been added to the machine from time of purchase.
  • The machine must be in equal condition from the time of purchase.

A partial refund may be issued if requested within 30 days of purchase and is at the discretion of Great Lakes Segway based on the condition of the machine and total miles added.

All refund requests require an in-person appointment at Great Lakes Segway. Units may not be shipped to us. For a full refund all appointments must be scheduled within 10 calendar days from purchase and must take place within 15 calendar days from purchase. For a partial refund all appointments must be scheduled within 30 calendar days from purchase and must take place within 35 calendar days from purchase. To schedule a refund request appointment please call Great Lakes Segway at 248-896-2600. All items sold at the time of purchase must accompany the machine during a refund appointment, including: power cord, warranty card, and original box (if applicable). The original bill of sale document must be presented at a refund appointment.

Pre-Owned/Refurbished/Refreshed Segway PTs

All pre-owned Segway PT sales are final. Great Lakes Segway provides a 90 day parts & labor warranty for pre-owned PTs and a 30 day warranty on the machine batteries. The following items are covered under the pre-owned PT 90 day warranty: Segway base, motors, CPU board, balance sensors, and gearboxes. The following items are not covered: wear and tear items: tires, wheels, infokey, aesthetic items, grips, handlebar bags, comfort mats, bent or broken accessories.

A 90 day pre-owned PT warranty may be voided if: water damage occurs to the unit, excessive damage to the unit occurs, missing parts or pieces, any tampering with unit power system, excessive cold or heat damage, or damage due to user neglect.

A 30 day warranty for pre-owned PT batteries may be voided if: any physical damage occurs, excessive cold or heat damage occurs, the batteries have not been properly charged.

All warranty claims require proof of original purchase, matching serial numbers, and must be presented by the original purchaser. Warranties are voided if machines are sold from the buyer to another party.

General Return Policies

  1. All New & Used PT returns must be done in-person at Great Lakes Segway. Units may not be shipped to us.
  2. Upon a refund, the customer is responsible for covering credit card processing fees from the original purchase which may be deducted from the refund amount.
  3. Refunds may only be issued to the original purchaser. Bill of sale documentation and a valid photo ID are required to complete a refund.
  4. Refunds may only be issued to the original payment method used. If the customer paid using a check or cash, Great Lakes Segway will issue a check to the name of the original purchaser.


Purchased tours are non-refundable. A purchased tour may be rescheduled by providing at least 24 hours advance notice from the tour time to Great Lakes Segway. Any tour not rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice is subject to cancellation without a refund. A purchased tour may only be rescheduled one time by the customer.

Tour riders must arrive no later than 10 minutes after their scheduled tour time or their tour may be forfeited without a refund.

As the safety of our tour riders is of the utmost importance, Great Lakes Segway reserves the right to cancel tours on any given day due to weather conditions.