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Refurbished X2 SE

November 2019

I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE the units... They are the perfect thing.. The weather has not been great so far but they have been used by many different people.. We even had them out on Christmas Day at the local restaurant Bar.. Everyone loves them.. It is a great mode of travel just to go to the ball park or even the Post Office.. We cannot recommend them enough.. Jody your company is great!!!


Training and Refurbished X2

November 2019

I wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for your assistance in the acquisition of a Segway transporter for the Imlay City Police Department. I had seen your product at the winter and summer conferences of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. To be quite honest as a small agency I did not believe that the Segway unit was a viable tool for our needs. The original idea to purchase a transporter was presented to me by our Code Enforcement Officer. He believed it would be a non-threatening way to approach people during code violations. At first, I was resistant and believed the cost would outweigh our benefit. However, at the summer conference, I spoke with one of your staff and he told me that he could provide me a refurbished unit at a very reasonable cost. Realizing that we could affordably get into a Segway I took a leap of faith and decided to purchase one for our agency. I’m very happy I did. Your company also provided excellent training for my primary officer to safely use the unit. What I thought would not be applicable to our department was proven completely wrong. We have found this to be an incredible community policing tool. While using the Segway at special events and during normal work shifts, our officer has found himself approached by numerous children and people that would never have taken place in a patrol car. The positive response received from the public has been overwhelming If anyone should ask, I would highly recommend your company and staff to any police agency considering the purchase of a non-traditional transportation unit.

Chief Scott Pike
Imlay City Police Chief

Refurbished i2s & 2 Gokarts

March 2020

Kids love it! Thanks! Maybe third one in the future!

Rochester Sign Company

Service & Level 3 Repair

February 2020

The Segway is awesome! Everyone who rides it swears you guys revved it up!!!! It looks new, runs faster and all is working perfectly. Especially with summer coming! Take care my Friend and big thanks.



April 2019

I can make an extra 1/2 sale per day or 1 additional sale every two days by using my Segway on the job.” “Put differently I can reach 7 more decision makers per day, earning an additional $200 in sales per week, amounting to $5,000 to $6,000 in extra income per summer. It makes the $600 investment in the Segway well worth it. Everyone of the (22) sales reps on our team are using Segways on the job.” In fact we have 20,000 reps throughout the country and most of them are using Segways to be more efficient in their sales positions.

Pest Control/D2D Sales

Parts & Accessories

April 2020

My experience has been great, we have had great interactions each time. You have been very responsive and easy to deal with. I had called several other dealers and have been the most helpful. Worked with several staff and everyone was nice and pleasant to speak with. Far superior customer service.


Repair/Refurbished I2

April 2020

I’m a landscaper in Wisconsin who has used the Segway’s with great success for the past 8 years. Utilizing them to accomplish trimming, blowing off concrete and asphalt surfaces and spot spraying weeds in ornamental stone and mulched beds. They have been a tremendous labor and time saver. While being virtually trouble free we recently required service on one of our units. I chose Great Lakes Segway for its great customer service and trained in house technicians. Great staff, very friendly, polite and knowledgeable!! John Smith and his staff treated us very fairly and would certainly recommend them as a dealer and service choice!! Thank you Great Lakes Segway!!

Easy Street Property Maintenance

Ninebot S

June 2020

I’m really happy to get the Ninebot S so I don’t have to walk 10 miles every day. I like it because getting to doors quicker means getting to sales quicker. I usually visit about 80 doors a day, but with the S, I can get to about 150 doors a day. It saves me energy, and I can catch a breeze too! If I bought it from Amazon, the battery could arrive dead and I wouldn’t know what to do. Since I bought it at Great Lakes Segway, I know who to talk to to get things fixed.

Door-to-Door Sales

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