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Lithium Ion Battery

Original Segway Battery (Lithium Ion). Works with the i2 and x2 Segway Models.

Please note: For a Segwway Battery set please select a quantity of 2.


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Segway Battery (Lithium Ion). Works with the i2 and x2 Segway Models.


Charging Time
before first use: 12 hours
recharge from empty ~8 hours
Temperature Ranges
operating: 32° F – 122° F (0° C – 50° C)
charging: 50° F – 122° F (10° C – 50° C)
storage and transport: -4° F – 122° F (-20° C – 50° C)
capacity (Ah) and voltage: 5.2 Ah, 73.6 volts
dimensions: 14 x 7.5 x 3.2 in (35.7 x 19 x 8.2 cm)
battery weight (pair): 22.7 lbs (10.3 kg)

Saftey Information

Do not use a Battery if the Battery casing is broken or if the Battery emits an unusual odor, smoke, or excessive heat or leaks any
substance. Avoid contact with any substance seeping from the Batteries.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets. Exposure to Battery voltage could result in death or serious injury.
• Unplug or disconnect the PT from AC power before removing or attaching Batteries or performing any service. Never work on any part of
the PT when it is plugged into AC power. You risk serious bodily injury from electric shock as well as damage to the PT.
• The cells within the Batteries contain toxic substances. Do not attempt to open the Batteries. Do not insert any object into the Batteries or
use any device to pry at the Battery casing. If you insert an object into any of the Battery ports or openings you could suffer electric shock,
injury, burns, or cause a fire. Attempting to open the Battery casing will damage the casing and could release toxic and harmful substances,
and will render the pack unusable.
• Observe and follow all safety information on the warning label found on the Batteries.
• Failure to charge the Batteries could result in permanent damage to them. Left unplugged, the Batteries could fully discharge over time,
causing permanent damage.
• Use only charging devices approved by Segway and never attempt to bypass or override their charging protection circuits.
• Do not wash the Segway PT with a power washer or high pressure hose. Avoid getting water into the Charge Port. Always close the Charge
Port Cover after charging. Avoid exposure to heavy downpours or extended periods of heavy rain (including during riding, storage, or
while being transported). Clean with soap and water and a soft cloth. Make sure that the Charge Port is dry before you plug in the Power
Cord. Failure to follow these instructions could expose you to electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire.

Do not submerge the Batteries or powerbase in water. If you suspect the Batteries or powerbase have been submerged or experienced
water intrusion, call Segway Technical Support immediately at 1-866-473-4929, prompt #2. Until you receive further instructions, store
the PT upright, outdoors, and away from flammable objects. Do not attempt to remove the batteries. Do not plug the Power Cord into the
PT. Failure to follow these instructions could expose you to electric shock, injury, burns, or cause a fire.
• As with all rechargeable batteries, do not charge near flammable materials.

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