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Segway Repair, Restoration, & Certified Service Center

Level 3 Dealership Capabilities

Here at Great Lakes Segway, we focus highly on two main things to make sure that your Segway is functioning at its best: Segway Repair Service and Preventative Maintenance .

  • Our service technicians are qualified to handle any Segway repair service you may need.
  • As a Certified Segway PT Service Center, we are authorized to conduct service evaluations and repairs on all Segway PT models.
  • We have been certified by the Segway Factory Repair Authorization and Training Program and are ready to assist with your Segway PT repairs.
  • Whether your Segway PT needs a tire changed or requires major repairs we can help you get your machine back on the road in minimal time.
Segway Repair & Service

“This looks too new to be my Segway, you guys did a great job cleaning up my machine.”
Carl Matheny, Dearborn

We can help you set up time to have your Segway PT evaluated and serviced. We diagnose and resolve your issues at our service center. For more complex issues we facilitate the shipment of your Segway PT to the Segway Factory.

Segway Service Center

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Segway Damage Repair
Segway Certified Repair
Segway Assembly

Segway Repair & Service Offerings

Segway Batteries
We charge, rotate, check voltage, and replace batteries.

We sell and program new keys, reprogram existing keys, and replace broken keys. As part of our standard practice, we replace the Infokey battery at No Fee.

Wheels, Tires and Inner Tubes
We change or replace wheels as one unit and/or replace tires and inner tubes separately. We check and adjust the tire pressure as needed and replace hubcaps if necessary. 

Segway Gearboxes
We provide gearbox repair & replacement services.

Segway Restoration Service
We clean and restore everything on your machine, from the surface level to the aesthetics, making it look brand new.

Elastomers (Coupling Cushions)
We replace these when they are worn out or no longer functioning. If not addressed, these can cause additional problem areas with your machine

Level 3 Service Capabilities

  • Evaluate and replace
  • BSA sensor
  • Electric Motors
  • Motor couplings
  • CU boards
  • Diagnostic level analysis (computer based diagnotics to more easily pinoint issues)
  • Radio boards
  • AC Filter
  • Power Boards

Other Replacement Services

  • Handlebar Grips
  • Kick Stands
  • Counsel Covers
  • Segway Emblem Cap
  • Comfort and Traditional Mats
  • Handlebar/Cargo Bags
  • Golf Package Accessories
  • and much more!
Segway Service for Tour Companies

Supporting Segway Dealers, Tour Companies, and Segway Fleets

Great Lakes Segway is the only advanced repair Segway Dealer in the Northeast and Midwest regions and one of 3 Segway Dealers in the Continental US to offer computer based diagnostic level evaluation and repair services.

  • We can assess your unit and reduce your wait time for getting your Segway machine back into your fleet.
  • Our average turn-around times are one to two weeks compared with 6 to 8 weeks at the Factory.

Time is money when your Segway tour machines are not working and unable to generate profit. With our advanced repair expertise you can be assured that your Segway PTs are returned in great working condition, looking nearly new and ready to generate revenue.

If you’re a Segway Dealer, Tour Company, Park, or other Segway Fleet operator and you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and professional Segway repair partner, please contact us and we would be happy to learn more about your operation and how we can help you.

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Warranty Work

Segway PTs and batteries are covered by a limited one-year factory warranty. For valid warranty issues, we can handle part replacement locally or facilitate the shipment of your machine to the factory for repair at no cost to you.

On-Site Service

Let us come to you! One of our experts can visit your location by appointment. Often, we’re able to resolve Segway PT repair issues on-site. For more extensive issues we’ll take the machine back to our Service Center for further diagnostics and repair. Pickup and delivery charges may apply.

Parts & Accessories

We offer a wide range of parts such as wheels, tires, tubes, batteries, and more. Parts and accessories are available for purchase or shipment.

Prepaid Maintenance Program

Don’t want the hassle of worrying about having a broken-down machine? Don’t worry We offer pre-paid service and maintenance contracts for your convenience. For a discounted rate, we can offer a flexible service package that is right for you. Our trusted Service Manager, Brett will care for your Segway PTs in our top of the line service area.

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Infokey Replacement

Lose or break an Infokey? We’ve got you covered. We can program and duplicate new and existing keys to get your PT back in operation.

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