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Segways for Police & Public Safety

Operating since 2010, Great Lakes Segway is the trusted partner for numerous police, security and public safety officials through Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. We partner with you to find the “right” Segway or ebike solution that will give you the operational advantage and get the job done.

Great Lakes Segway is the authorized Segway Dealer and certified repair center for Michigan and the Great Lakes Region. We are committed to supporting the needs and objectives of the Public Safety Community.

Segway Products and Solutions support the needs of police and public safety officials by:

  • Segway PTs can travel up to 12.5 mph
  • Cover twice as much ground as a walking officer
  • Get through tight areas and spaces where other police vehicles cannot
  • Segway PTs allow officers to be elevated 8 inches taller than standing
  • See greater distances
  • Street Smart upgrade allow for additional lights, sirens and storage
  • Handle a wide variety of terrain types
  • Can climb up to 26% grades
  • Travels inside and outside and through doorways
  • Maneuver safely through crowded areas
  • Narrow footprint allows for great flexibility- smaller than most Police vehicles
  • Community members enjoy seeing and are intrigued by Segways
  • Officers are integrated into the public
  • Stadiums, churches, prisons, airports, convention centers
  • Festivals, Events, Fairs, Parades and other events
  • Patrol trails, alleyways, corridors and other difficult to reach areas
  • Crowd management, setting perimeters, and protests
  • Downtown patrols
  • Parking and traffic enforcement
  • Does not use gas or combustion engines
  • Uses less electricity than a Toyota Prius
  • Plugs into a standard 110 outlet

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We partner with countless Police and Public Safety officials to help them be more efficient in their daily operations.
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Defending Our Cities

Protecting Our Borders

Securing Our Parks, Universities, Hospitals, & More

Our Segway products support police and public safety by:

  • Grant identification and writing
  • Budget
  • Drug and other forfeiture funds
  • Tips on how to pass through your City Leadership
  • Local businesses or Donors
  • Lease/Finance options and partners
    • Grants
    • Banks and Credit Unions- Community Financial Credit Union
    • Time Payment leasing agency
    • BB&T leasing agency
  • Selecting the right product solutions for your needs
  • Evaluating accessories and upgrades
  • Ensure proper care of your investment
  • StreetSmart Training & Certification Program
  • We quickly assess and dig into your Segway products so that you don’t have down time with equipment that you depend on a daily basis

“The Segways were a huge hit at the parade!! They were highly effective with keeping the crowds from pushing into the roadway!”

D/LT. Michael Bastianelli
Franklin-Bingham Farms Police Department

“Great Lakes Segway did an excellent job of covering the material and did an excellent job of showing us the proper operation of the Segway PT. They were also able to quickly and accurately answer all questions.”

Jacob Lukas
Shelby Township Police

Our Segway Lineup


The Segway i2 SE Patroller is designed for patrolling applications including law enforcement, private security, emergency services, event management and more. It offers the ultimate maneuverability and, with our charge anywhere technology, nearly unlimited range.


The X2 SE Patroller equipped with ATV-style tires, make it the perfect patrolling and emergency services tool, no matter the terrain. From parks to wooded areas, sand, and over rocky ground, construction sites and city sidewalks, the Segway X2 SE can manage the most rugged turf and extend your patrolling range.


The SE-3 Patroller provides officers and safety personnel a more formidable presence, making them more visible and offering an obvious security presence. The SE-3 Patroller allows for frequent mounting and dismounting of the vehicle during a patrol or managing an event.


Franklin Police

Experience a no-cost Segway and eBike riding experience on location at your department, campus, or office. Trained staff from Great Lakes Segway will bring our mobile Segway and eBike units for an afternoon of hands-on riding trial for you and your staff. You will learn how our products can be engaging, practical and ultimately benefit your operations.

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Public Safety Case Studies

Law Enforcement – Bridgeport PD
Case study focusing on Segway PTs giving a boost to community based policing. Low-res version for email and web. Please visit the Resource Printing Center to order printed copies.

Airport Police – BWI Airport
Case study focusing on patrolling BWI Airport with the Segway PT. Low-res version for email and web. Please visit the Resource Printing Center to order printed copies.

Campus Police – Howard University
Case study focusing on Segway PTs helping secure an urban campus. Low-res version for email and web. Please visit the Resource Printing Center to order printed copies.

Parking Enforcement – DC Parking Enforcement
Case study focusing on DC police using Segway PTs to improve parking enforcement productivity. Low-res version for email and web. Please visit the Resource Printing Center to order printed copies.