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Mobility Solutions


Are you looking for a way to update your public transportation and personal mobility solutions in your municipality, town, city, or state?

We can help you create a custom program to establish a Segway PT mobility solution that will improve public transportation and enable more citizens and employees to get to work or improve their on-the-job efficiency.

Tour Startup

Are you interested in starting your own Segway PT Tour and Rental business? Are you looking for a way to make additional money and drive revenue?

We can help you establish your very own Segway PT Tour and Rental Business. Our team has started two Segway PT tour companies in Michigan and Tennessee. We have several years of experience offering Segway PT Tour and rental operations leveraging Segway PT products.

We can help you get the Segway PT products and maintenance plan in place so that you can focus on growing your business.

Additionally, we will work with you on an hourly basis to help you set up and establish your Segway PT Tour and Rental Operations.

We can help you navigate:

  • Site selection
  • Retail Partnering
  • Insurance Premiums
  • LLC Registration
  • DBA Registration
  • Taxes
  • Legal
  • State Laws
  • Financing
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Booking Systems
  • Marketing
  • Printing
  • Social Media
  • Vendors
  • Groupon
  • Customer Management

We are here to help you. Please contact us by phone, email or complete the form below and we will assist you. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information. Please call us for ordering or additional questions. We welcome your questions or comments.

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