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Segways for Adventure Seekers

Get out on the trails and make the most of every weekend with Great Lakes Segway’s remarkable line of electric dirt bikes, off-road Segways (X2), Segway ATVs, power ebikes, and Cycleboards.

The Perfect Adventure

Segway’s Dirt eBikes are the perfect dirt eBike for years of riding ahead. The strong frame and build of the bike can handle any adventure, while Segway’s long-lasting battery gives you all the power you could need. With the X160 and X260 models available in four colors each, plus additional parts to customize your bike, there is a Segway Dirt eBike for you.

Segway Dirt eBikes provide high value and affordable pricing without sacrificing quality and power. These Dirt eBikes are built to outrace anything else like it in the market. Explore new trails or blaze your own on fully-electric ATVs. The Great Lakes Segway  family of products can help you get out and enjoy new experiences.

Explore New Paths

Segway Powersports are targeted to launch in Spring 2021. The electric-hybrid lineup will offer quiet technology and consist of 3 great machines that are each the best electric-hybrid version available. Our line of ATVs and sport and utility UTVs will change the way you think of powersports.

Go Further, See More

Our electric power bikes, Recon Power Bikes are powerful ebikes that get you outside and blazing your own trail. Adjustable settings allow you to get the power and boost you want, while allowing for longer, more enjoyable rides. Military-grade construction enables Recon bikes to have the strength and durability needed to handle any trail. These epowered bikes come available in 2 motor options, 1000w in-frame and 750w rear hub.

Our Lineup

Segway PTs can be customized with your park or trail branding & colors. All in a fully electric machine, completely clean and green.

Segway PT

The Segway PT is the original adventure machine to hit the trails or take on your next trip! The self-balancing capability and engineering technology create a powerfully smooth ride on any trail, beach, or pathway. The PT features the most unique but simple riding technology ever created! GLS is your destination for the finest Segway PTs available. The Segway PT comes in two different model variations: the i2/i2SE is the traditional unit for paved surfaces and light multi-terrain and the x2/x2SE is meant for more aggressive multi-terrain and off-road trail riding!

Segway Dirt eBikes

Segway Dirt eBikes are the perfect dirt ebike for any rider, from the experienced to the new. Fully customizable, yet ready to go out of the box, the X160 and X260 provide an awesome ride with a completely electric battery and beautiful design. Easy to maintain, lightweight, and built to withstand anything, Segway Dirt eBikes deliver superior performance for every rider. Call today, and see how we can help get you riding soon!

Recon eBikes

Recon Power Bikes are the strongest ebike on the market today, and that strength shines through with everything from extra-large fat tires and seats to a high-quality frame and battery. Four different models are available, all with different features designed around how you prefer your ride. Check out our bike selection, and come out to our showroom for a test ride!


Cycleboards are a unique way to explore. The basic ride of a skateboard, with a handlebar and motor, create a unique way to ride your trails, or even just explore your local downtown. If you’re looking for a cool machine for everyday use, one of our Cycleboards may be the solution you’re looking for. Check out each style here, and come to GLS for a test drive!

Forge Your Path

The Segway X160 and X260 Dirt eBikes are the preferred products when you’re looking to get your adrenaline going. Ready to ride from the time it arrives, the Segway Dirt eBike is built to last for years of off-road adventure. Come try out a Dirt eBike today, in our showroom.

Fear No Place

When you’re looking to blaze your own trail, Segway’s new Powersports line is for you. ATVs and UTVs designed to handle any conditions, built to last and fully electric. Coming in 2021, let Segway Powersports be your vehicle of choice as you explore your surroundings.

Features & Benefits

Segway Dirt eBikes

  • Strong frame and build allows for years of use
  • Interchangeable, lithium ion batteries will last for years of recharging
  • Fully customizable frame creates opportunities to personalize bike
  • Out of the box design makes getting on the trail easier
  • Lightweight frame makes transportation and storage simple

Recon Power Bikes

  • Powerful battery and motor get you where you want to be without the strain of manual rides
  • Cushioned and durable seat design allows for comfortable and easy rides
  • Strong frame and construction will last for a lifetime
  • Four models give a choice of design and features

Segway Powersports

  • Three different machines for all ATV and UTV needs
  • Electric battery allows for cleaner, quieter rides
  • Tough, sturdy design will get riders anywhere they need to go


  • Ease of the skateboard style, with added handlebar and motor
  • Easy to learn, easy to master
  • Foldable design makes it simple to bring along
  • Four different models for different needs

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