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Segways for Seniors & Retirees

Make your golden years your best years, Segway products can be an excellent option to help expand your mobility beyond your expectations. Do all the things you want to do, upright and balanced. The Great Lakes Segway (GLS) family of products can help you get out and enjoy new experiences.

Glide Through Your Day

The Segway Personal Transporter (PT) allows you to go about your daily activity in an upright, healthy way, balancing as you ride along. Stroll your neighborhood, head to the store, go down trails and explore parks, all without limits. You are back on your feet again, literally!

Pedego Electric Bikes are the most popular ebike on the market today, with so many amenities for every kind of rider. With 19 different models, Pedego give you the choice of any kind of bike, a variety of colors, and a perfect combination of comfort and power. That shines through with everything from different tires and seats, to high-quality frames and batteries. 19 different models are available, all with different features designed around how you prefer your ride. Check out our bike selection, and come out to our showroom for a test ride!

Our Lineup

Segway PTs can be customized with your park or trail branding & colors. All in a fully electric machine, completely clean and green.

Segway PTs

As you move through your golden years, a Segway PT is the perfect accessory for your retirement living. With shorter, more enjoyable trips each day, the Segway PT is the perfect vehicle for your active lifestyle. GLS’ full line of accessories can make your Segway experience as comfortable as possible too, from the SegVator to lift your PT onto your vehicle, to comfort mats that make every ride softer. Call today, and see how GLS can get you riding today!

Segway i2 PT


Ninebot’s line of scooters may be the fun riding experience that you’re looking for. A traditional scooter design is paired with a quiet, reliable electric motor and other unique innovations to give you a fun, easy ride. Models range from the Ninebot MAX, the most powerful scooter on the market, to the Ninebot Air, a light-weight, thin edition of the world’s most popular scooter. Let GLS guide you to the right scooter for you! See our eScooters here.


eBikes are a great way to ride a bike as far and as long as you’re used to, with a little extra assistance when you need it most! Pedego Electric Bikes are the most popular eBike on the market today, and that comes from so many friendly features, including comfortable tires and seats to a high-quality frame and battery. Check out our bike selection, and come out to our showroom for a test ride!

Self Balancing

The Segway PT’s unique self-balancing design is perfect for your mobility needs, giving you upright movement and posture with the helpful assistance you enjoy. Seniors have used the Segway PT for years, with happy riders returning year after year to the machine that keeps them upright and active. Come try out the PT today, in our socially distant showroom.

Max Mobility

Our scooters provide maximum mobility with minimal storage space or complexity. A simple charge, and you’re ready to ride; an affordable price, and your whole family is ready to ride alongside you. Make our scooters your ride of choice, and your gift for this holiday season!

Features & Benefits

Segway PT
High-quality build ensures years of service
Upright stance contributes to good health and posture
Fully electric, can plug into basic wall outlet
Safe, self-balancing operation requires minimal effort
SegVator and manual lift allow for easy machine transport

Simple design is easy to enjoy
Quiet, brushless motor provides strong power
Foldable design is easy for carrying or storage
Easy to ride, easy to get off

Pedego Electric eBikes
Powerful battery and motor get you where you want to be without the strain of manual rides
Cushioned and durable seat design allows for comfortable and easy rides
Strong frame and construction will last for a lifetime

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