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Segways for Parks & Trails

Segway PTs are essential for modern parks and trails. A Segway PT perfectly fits any need in your park, from safety and security, mobilizing your operations to creating new recreation offerings. Your Segway PT will assist you in managing and maintaining your park and trail properties.

Make Your Park Operations More Efficient

The Segway PT allows you to move staff and management quickly through the park property and down trails efficiently. Using Segways on the job reduces the time it takes to travel to jobsites and return to park offices or maintenance buildings.

Managers can use Segways to manage staff, identify park maintenance jobs, observe park visitors for safety and security and more.

Workers can use Segways to visit jobs sites, carry operational equipment (with added accessories) and transport them to do their work more efficiently.

Support your park/trail green-ification (greening) efforts and guidelines

Segways allow you reduce your overall carbon footprint. Studies have shown that the overall environmental impact of a Segway is less than that of a Toyota Prius. Segways can help you reach your goals for reducing the overall environmental impact. Eliminate emissions and smelly gas fumes.

Navigate anywhere in your park or trail

Segways can handle 26% grades and navigate of a variety of terrains; ranging from paved to rugged, mud trails.

Realize cost savings and ROI

Segways PTs are much more affordable than vehicles. When you consider vehicle costs; monthly lease payments, maintenance costs, fuel costs, oil changes, and even time spent driving around the park or trail perimeter, the expenses add up significantly.

Alternatively, Segway PTs costs are mostly upfront and require minor maintenance. With our leasing and financing options the Segway PT can be paid off in a handful of months. Our flexible financing plans include: 24, 36, 48 or 60 months as low as $200/month.

Respond Faster

The Segway PT allows riders to move 3 times faster than walking. Your team can move across the property or in-between campsites to address campers’ inquiries, deliver necessities or other items to visitors, respond to noise complaints and deal with safety concerns quickly and without fatigue. Versatility – Travel indoors and outdoors without ever dismounting the PT. Supervisors have quick access to the front office, cabins and bathroom/shower facilities across your sprawling campground.

Segway Tours
Revenue Generator & Added amenities

Segway tours allow for the adding of new offerings and amenities at your park or trail. People from all walks of life enjoy riding segways. Segways provide park and trail visitors a unique way to enjoy nature and recreate while leveraging technology. Parks and Trails throughout the world are offering Segway tours as a unique way to allow users to enjoy nature and recreate.

Add revenue to your bottom line by offering Segway tours and rentals within your park or trail system!


Trail Management/Operations
Staff Transportation
Trail Maintenance
Daily operations support

Reduce the overall carbon footprint
Reduce emissions
Increase energy efficiency
Use for various daily applications
Replace short-distance, auto trips

New Recreation & Entertainment options
Attract younger audiences to parks
Nature and educational tours

Increased Revenue Sources
Tours, Rentals, & Special Events

Patrolling and Policing
Public Safety and Enforcement
Event Management
Emergency and Rescue

Features & Benefits


A Segway PT is the perfect tool for your unique mobility needs. Your PT can take you further, provide an elevated stance for improved sight-lines, and become an integral part of how you patrol and conduct operations within your park and trail.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other operational vehicles, Segway PTs are battery-powered, providing a day’s worth of charge without the carbon emissions or gasoline smell.


Segway PTs can get you anywhere that you need to go, from trails inaccessible by car, and inside buildings, through doorways, and onto elevators.


GLS can upgrade your PTs with everything from cargo carrying bags and off-road wheels to full branding packages to show that your machines are uniquely yours.

Our Lineup

Segway PTs can be customized with your park or trail branding & colors. All in a fully electric machine, completely clean and green.


The Segway i2 SE Patroller is designed for a wide variety of applications including trail and event management, private security, emergency services, and more. It offers ultimate accessibility and range, with charging ability. Additional accessories can give you the carrying space you need.

Segway i2 PT


The X2 SE, equipped with ATV-style tires, make it the perfect patrolling and emergency services tool for the outdoors, no matter the terrain. From parks to wooded areas, sand, and over rocky ground, the Segway X2 SE can manage the most rugged turf and extend your patrolling range.

GSL Training DNR Segway PT Riders

We Provide Financing, Leasing, Grant Assistance, and More!

We can work with you to provide your Segway units through various financing and funding methods.

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