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19 May 2022

Segways For Law Enforcement

Benefits Of Segways For Law Enforcement Agencies

As the world is opening up again, community festivals and large gatherings are becoming very popular, once again. This means that security forces policing sensitive public areas are faced with a lot more ground to cover, and need the means to do that efficiently and cost-effectively.

By investing in Segways for your security force or police department, you’re able to more easily travel where patrol cars can’t drive. And, from an economic perspective, you will be saving considerable excess funds. On average, one patrol car can range from a low of $30,000 to $60,000 or more. You can purchase 4 to 8 Segways for that same amount of money. This means that 4 to 8 individuals can be out there canvassing and securing high-risk areas, at a lower cost.

In addition to providing faster response times compared to officers on foot patrol, officers on Segways can move up to 12.5 miles per hour. This factor, alone, offers greater visibility and increases community engagement which helps officers integrate into the public. And, if you are concerned about our environment, the Segway alternative is also very eco-friendly.

A few of the different Michigan law enforcement agencies with whom we’ve worked, to date, include Grand Rapids, Holland, Port Huron, Sterling Heights, Center Line, Franklin, Shelby Township, and Walled Lake. All of them have reported a higher level of efficiency, and ability to better serve their communities through investment in alternative mobility vehicles.

Different Types Of Personal Mobility Vehicles

We have a lot of personal mobility products proven popular within our law enforcement agencies like Pedego E-bikes and Trikkes. But here, we want to showcase our Segway models uniquely designed for the security market.

Segway I2 SE Patroller

Featuring ultimate maneuverability and the ability to change anywhere, this Segway is a perfect agile choice for law enforcement, security, events, and emergency services.

Segway X2 SE Patroller

Whether you’re patrolling a park, on rocky terrain, sand, or sidewalks, the Segway x2 is ideal for extending your patrol area to rugged routes, away from maintained roadways.

Segway SE-3 Patroller

If you’re looking for more visibility for your obvious police presence, this Segway is the choice for your agency!

Invest In Your Future With Segway

As an authorized Segway Dealer, we are here to help support the needs of the Public Safety Community that, in turn, helps all our citizens feel secure, and protected.

The beauty of being a part of the Great Lakes Segway family is that we are the one-stop shop for everything you’ll need. We assist with all aspects —- from buying your Segway to maintaining your machine through tune-ups. Our Segway repair service and preventative maintenance facility help your mobility vehicle continue to function at its highest performance. You can rest assured that our highly qualified technicians are the best out there. So whether you’re looking to change a tire or major repairs are needed, we have you covered!

If you’re in public service, and interested in learning more about deploying our Segways to supplement your team’s ability to serve, give us a call at (248) 896-2600 today!

27 April 2022

What are the laws for e-bikes on Michigan trails?

Riding Trails In Michigan 

The weather is getting warm; gas prices are high, which can limit your car or truck use; and we bet you are itching to go exploring! Well, at Walled Lake Pedego, we understand your longing for adventure, new vistas, and healthy fun, in a cost-effective way. The world is opening up, to a greater extent, and the beautiful landscapes and peaceful, interesting trails of Michigan are beckoning.


Can I Take A Cost-Effective Electric Bike On A Trail In Michigan?

There is a bounty of beautiful trails throughout the “Mitten” state. The simple answer to “can I take an electric bike on the trails” is YES! But you will want to be cognizant of a few restrictions, as you make your choice of bike.


Class 1 E-bike

A Class 1 electric bike has pedal assistance but not a throttle. For pedal assistance (PA) to work, you need to be pedaling. On most Michigan trails, you can ride an electric bike with pedal assistance but not one with a throttle. So the Class 1 e-bike, with a speed of 20 mph, is your best bet for many trails.


Class 2 E-bike

When it comes to the Class 2 electric bike, you can use the throttle without pedaling. The throttle on Pedego e-bikes has a grip/twist method on the handlebar. You can ride up to 20 mph just like the Class 1 e-bike, but you don’t need to be pedaling to use the electric speed option.


Class 3 E-bike

The Class 3 electric bike also has pedal assistance, but it is faster! Instead of maxing out at 20 mph, you can go up to 28 mph on a Class 3 e-bike.


What Type Of E-Bike Is Allowed On Michigan Trails?

According to the Michigan.gov website, you can ride a Class 1 electric bike on the local trails, but you can only go up to 20 mph.

Even though Class 2 meets the maximum miles per hour rate, you cannot ride an electric bike with a throttle on the trails in Michigan. (Don’t worry, it’s okay for riding around town but just not on your local trail.). And you can use a Class 3 bike, but you are restricted from going any faster than 20 miles per hour.


Rail Trail Examples

Before you hit the trails, there is one more essential factor to remember. If you want to ride your electric bike on one of the local rail trails, you will need to find one covered with asphalt or crushed limestone for a smooth ride.

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular options that people choose throughout Michigan.


Polly Ann State Rail Trail

This is a beautiful 36-mile stretch between Orion Township and Kings Mill Road, located north of Imlay City in Lapeer County.


Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

This breathtaking trail is 92 miles and passes through 15 different towns and cities. You will see a wide variety of wildlife throughout your peaceful bike ride.


Iron Ore Heritage Trail

During your 47-mile journey, you will cross through the Marquette Iron Range located in the Upper Peninsula. It’s open year-round, so you can continue enjoying stunning views regardless of the season.


North Central State Trail

Explore this 75-mile flat trail line, perfect for a nice long bike ride.


William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail SP

Surrounded by the forest, you can take in the scenic view for 22-miles.


Pedego Electric Bike

If you’re looking to ride your Pedego e-bike on one of  Michigan’s local trails, we want to highlight a couple of bike options that are allowed based on state law.


City Commuter: Lite Edition

For those commuting within the city or wanting to explore the beautiful rail trails, we have a wide variety of e-bikes perfect for your needs. Our Lite Edition proves that sometimes less is more. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t–all for an irresistible price.


Comfort Cruiser

Our comfort cruiser is renowned as the original Pedego e-bike. For the last 10 years, it has made people smile. We can’t wait for you to have the same experience!


Ask Your Local Pedego Dealer

We understand making a bike choice can be confusing at times. Our staff at Pedego Walled Lake has the necessary understanding and knowledge of the local trails and e-bikes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Call us at (248) 896-2600 or visit our store today.


21 April 2022

What Is The Range For A Segway

What Is A Segway?

Before we review the specifications of a Segway, we want to explain what a Segway is for people interested in learning more. A Segway is a personal mobility vehicle with two wheels and a standing platform for the rider to hold on to the designated handlebars. The rider uses his/her body to move in any direction.


Specifications And Types Of Segways

When it comes to Segways, there are two types on which we are focusing — the i2 PT and the x2 PT.

You might be thinking, are they even different? The answer is “YES.” Here is what makes them similar and also differentiates each of them. 

A Segway i2 is perfect for exploring your community. Whether you’re on a trip or in your own neighborhood, you’ll be able to see more and experience more around you, than if you were using a car. And you can travel a fair distance, with reasonable speed. Depending on the terrain, you can go up to 24 miles before you need to recharge.

Our Segway x2 has ATV-style tires, which makes it ideal for uneven roads. It can handle the majority of terrains, so it’s perfect to use as your personal mobility vehicle while traveling outside of your normal comfort zones. Since you can traverse most terrains, it does cut down the battery life to 12 miles per charge, but that can’t stop you from hitting the trails.

What makes these two methods of personal mobility similar is that both of them enable people to get outside more and explore. The main difference is the distance you can travel before recharging and which will work best for the terrain on which you want to ride. We recommend making a checklist of what you want to do with your Segway. Based on that information, you can analyze which model would be the closest to meeting your unique requirements.


Benefits Of Riding One

Besides the benefits we mentioned above, here are a few more reasons you should consider getting a Segway.

Safety is essential, regardless of your age. We’re proud to say that Segways are safe for all ages– while helping people spend more time outside and in the sun and empowering them to go farther than they could on foot.

Besides safety, Segways contribute to enhanced health. Rather than sitting around watching tv all day, try riding a Segway! You’ll get some fresh air, physical activity, exploration, and add more fun to your day. 

Even though you’re not moving your feet one at a time, you end up using muscles while riding. And you also can help reduce mental health struggles at the same time since studies show how beneficial the sun is for relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Overall, regardless of the model you choose, a Segway can help change your life for the better while providing you with a reliable and safe personal mobility vehicle. 


Keep On Rolling

If you’re interested in learning more, we have two locations that can help you find the right Segway for you. Great Lakes Segway based in Michigan is one, and the other is  Segway of Central Florida, in Mt. Dora Florida.

You don’t want to miss out, so make sure to contact the location nearest to you today. 

21 April 2022

Benefits of Low-Impact Exercises

What Is Low-Impact Exercise?

When it comes to individual exercise, we usually think of running, weight lifting, fast-walking, and jumping rope, to name a few. But are these examples of common low-impact exercises? The answer is NO. And it is important to understand the difference and the effects of various forms of exercise to maintain maximum health and avoid unnecessary injury.

According to the American Sports & Fitness Association, low-impact exercise is “exercise that results in minimal impact on your joints.” When using low-impact exercises, your joints don’t have as much pressure exerted on them. It is often the “go-to” method of exercise for people returning to better health from an injury or those who may be new to working out. It is also ideal for people with arthritis, joint pain of any kind, those who are advancing in age, and whose bones and joints may not be as strong and supple as they used to be.


Benefits of Low Impact Exercises

Besides the benefit of not having potentially injurious pressure on your joints while working out, there are a few other advantages of low-impact exercise we want to highlight.

The first benefit is that low-impact exercise enables a person’s body to bounce back between exercise sessions more quickly. When you’re constantly doing high-impact activities like running or weightlifting, more rest days are required between each exercise period for your muscles to repair. But swimming, biking, or yoga (all of which are minimally weight-bearing) enable you to reduce the number of rest days in between and get back to doing what you love quicker. 

You need to make sure you’re performing the exercise correctly, but when you reduce the impact on your joints, your body will be under less stress, leading to fewer overall injuries.

The last benefit is mental health. Harvard did a recent eye-opening study. It shows that normal cadence walking for one hour a day decreases your risk of major depression. Getting outside and exercising is beneficial not just for your physical health but also for your mental health.

Above all, remember to listen to your body and figure out a workout schedule, the degree of intensity, and the timeframes that work best for you. 


Biking Is Coming In HOT For Low-Impact Exercisers

Besides walking, biking is becoming very popular! And it’s one of our personal favorite ways of exercising.

Getting outside, feeling the fresh air on your face, and moving your body without putting strain on your joints, are just a few benefits of cycling.

But what makes us love this form of moving our bodies, even more, is the chance to incorporate electric bikes (e-bikes) like Pedego. Regardless of whether you’re in tip-top shape or starting to slow down, using an electric bike provides you the freedom to do more, go more places, and see more while you are healthily exercising.


Why Invest In An Electric Bike? 

Now, you might be wondering how the benefits of investing in an electric bike outweigh a manual one.  

Why invest in a Pedego e-bike?


Pedego bikes:


1). Are Adaptable

A Pedego e-bike provides you an opportunity to choose between 3 unique riding models — no assistance, pedal-assist system, or battery operating system. These options allow you to find what works best for you and still move your body.


2). Are Designed To Help You Travel Farther

Depending on the bike that you choose from our wide variety of 18 models, you’re able to go farther. These are just a few examples that we wanted to highlight. 

  • Our Pedego City Commuter Mid-Drive Edition has a 48-volt battery and can take you up to 60 miles on one charge.
  • If you’re into Mountain biking, check out our Trail Tracker, on which you can go up to 56 miles per charge.
  • The Interceptor Platinum Edition, designed to traverse urban environments, allows you to go up to 60 miles with each charge.
  • The Pedego Element, with safe, fat tires, can take you 40 miles before you need to charge the battery.

Each of our e-bikes has qualities that make them stand out, but there is one consistent factor: the ability to ride farther with ease. 


3). Provide Powerful Health And Wellness Benefits

You might be wondering how an electric bike can still provide health benefits or even be considered exercise. Every Pedego gives you the chance to still pedal, and you can get your movement in for the day, and then use the battery to go even further, to explore and see more!


Start Riding Today

Regardless of your age, or physical capabilities, e-bikes are a great way of getting outside while getting in some low-impact exercises.

If you’re interested in learning more or test driving one of the bikes, contact the location nearest to you. We have Pedego stores in Walled Lake, Michigan, and Mt. Dora, Florida