Segway And Public Safety

Segway & Law Enforcement 

As personal mobility rises in popularity, it’s becoming an essential tool for law enforcement organizations and security agencies. Agile personal mobility devices enhance officer productivity. Security officers can easily maneuver in a crowd; travel quickly in large facilities, malls, parks, and campuses;  and adeptly traverse tricky terrains. Personal mobility also allows an officer to engage quickly on a face-to-face level, becoming far more approachable, as compared to patrolling by car. Our team at Great Lakes Segway supports those ensuring the safety of downtowns, cities, retail centers, healthcare campuses, colleges/universities, parks, and recreation areas, —– empowering them to protect our communities, and gathering places, daily.

A few of the local agencies and hospitals, to whom we provide Segways for security professionals, include Bronson Hospital, Ann Arbor VA Hospital, Grand Rapids Police, Sterling Heights Police, Henry Ford Hospital, Adrian College, Ludington State Park, and Milliken State Park. Recently, we extended our partnership across state lines to serve officers in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, by delivering 12 Segways for their patrols. 

We love helping local law enforcement and security agencies by offering the latest mobility devices to improve effectiveness on the job. Here are some Segway products ideal for law enforcement: 

Segway i2 SE Patroller

Our flagship Segway I2 SE Patroller is expressly designed for law enforcement, private security, emergency services, event management, and more. Schedule a no-cost, live demo at your department or location today. 

Segway SE-3

The SE-3 Patroller provides officers and safety experts with a more formidable presence. Plus, it allows for frequent mounting and dismounting of the vehicle during a patrol or while managing an event.

Segway X2 SE Patroller

The Segway X2 Patroller comes equipped with ATV-style tires, which makes it perfect for patrolling on uneven terrain. Whether you’re on sand, going over a rocky ground, in the park, or city sidewalks, the Segway X2 is able to handle anything, while extending patrolling limits. 


Our Trikke Posi-Tron is a police-exclusive model. It features professional-grade construction, an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, and vital other features to patrol with maximum safety and security! It has a full police siren with five additional LED flashing emergency lights and a powerful battery.  With twin direct-drive motors on the rear wheels, you’ll experience a whole new, unique, riding experience. 

Law Enforcement Grants

Here at Great Lakes Segway, we help law enforcement in any way we can. One of these ways is by steering procurement teams to find useful grants. There are many different kinds of security/policing grants. Each is applicable to unique scenarios, locations, and departments. Contact us for help and information on applying.

Great Lakes Segway & Law Enforcement

We are proud to partner with law enforcement and other public safety officials to provide the perfect Segway solutions for an operational advantage. To learn more about how personal mobility helps different agencies throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes Region, click here. 

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