Benefits Of Visiting A Pedego Storefront

Benefits of Visiting a Pedego Storefront

There’s a special feeling when you walk into one of our welcoming stores and see all the available Pedego e-bikes! The multitude of different colors, types, and styles is visually exciting.  Seeing them, in person, can be even more graphic and satisfying than experiencing our wide number of e-bikes online. Besides physically seeing and touching your electric bike before buying, there are many other benefits to purchasing an e-bike “up close and personal.”  Here are the top 3 reasons to come and visit:


1). Test Ride And Compare Different Models

A unique Pedego e-bike model might be more beneficial to one person than another.  We, all, have different lifestyles, and our distinct choice of model should reflect that. 

Let’s say you’re using your e-bike to get to work. Then the City Commuter: Lite Edition might be your best option. On the other hand, perhaps you want to ride your bike in the snow. Then the Trail Tacker: 24″ Edition is the one for you. By being able to visit the store, you can ask as many questions as you want; narrow down your list; and then, in our Michigan location, you can test drive a couple of models to make sure you find the best bike for you!


2). Be A Part Of A Community

One of the beautiful things about Pedego e-bikes is that they truly bring people together based on a common passion — new ways to travel, through electric personal mobility. There are even Facebook groups for local Pedego owners.  Join one, and you have an immediate group with whom you can experience bike ride adventures. Presto, you develop new friendships!


3). Support A Local Business

When you head into a Pedego storefront, you are not only helping the business owner keep a growing business flourishing,  but also contributing to the health and stability of the local community. There’s a wise sentence that says: “A dollar that gets spent in the community will always be there.” The more you support local businesses, the more you support all the other community facets: the baseball, softball, hockey, and football leagues, local nonprofits, restaurants, schools, and even other local businesses. When you purchase something online, you’re bypassing all those other crucial segments that are supported locally, and are the foundation of the community and its growth.


Check Out Your Local Pedego Shop

If you’re interested in purchasing a Pedego e-bike but don’t know where to start, just stop by. We would love to meet you and would be happy to help answer any questions that help you find the perfect electric bike for your needs.

Visit our Walled Lake, MI, or Mt. Dora, FL, location to learn more!

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