Building Community Trust In Policing? Use E-Bikes!

A recent Gallup report revealed troubling statistics. Only 43% of U.S. citizens express confidence in the practices and level of security being offered by their police forces. This is a significant and disturbing trust decrease over previous years. Most law enforcement leaders are aware of it. Resulting Police Executive Research Forum surveys reveal that rebuilding trust is a top priority for police departments, in all sizes of communities, from large urban sites to small towns.

Law enforcement agencies have been deploying community policing practices for years. But this drop in trust is a clarion call to accelerate collaboration between police officers and community members. Hallmarks of excellent community policing include increased transparency, better communication, joint problem-solving, and accessibility of officers to community members. Deploying e-bikes and e-mobility devices can be a vital improvement in building trust as well as increasing police efficiency.

From the seat of a Pedego, or on a Segway, police officers can agilely move in crowded situations. They can engage citizens and look eye-to-eye into community members’ faces. E-bikes are far less threatening than patrol cars and using them underscores exactly what community policing wants to emphasize — that the officer is accessible, friendly, and easily approached by any member of the community. In tight places, e-mobile transport can also allow officers to reach sites faster. For police departments with stretched budgets, the cost of e-bikes also represents significant annual and overall savings.

Adopting best practices in community policing has enormous side benefits, in addition to building trust. Those benefits include improved police officer morale, higher officer retention, increased longevity of police service, ease of hiring new officers, improved safety for both officers and community members they protect, and higher degrees of efficiency for all police personnel.

At Great Lakes Segway, Walled Lake Pedego, Segway of Central Florida, and Mount Dora Pedego, we have a history of staunch support for police, as well as serving private security firms. From Nashville, Tennessee to Grand Rapids, Michigan, we have partnered with countless police and public safety officials to strengthen their community policing presence and help them be more efficient in daily operations. Some of our Segway use cases underpin our commitment to helping community policing strengthen and become even more effective.

We will come to YOU, if you are a police department anywhere in the country. And if you want to visit us, we are happy to host you in Michigan and Florida, at our retail sites as well. Everyone wants safety. We are honored to be part of the community policing movement offering best practices in community policing and accelerated safety for all citizens.


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In Michigan, we can also be reached at 248 896-2600 (Sales) and 248 859-5057 (service). Or meet us, in person, at both our Pedego and Segway storefronts at 239 East Walled Lake, Walled Lake, Michigan, 48390, from 9 AM through 5 PM.


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