The Power Of Play – On An E-Bike!

Children instinctively know what adults sometimes forget: healthy PLAYING is an essential component of a long and happy life.

More than six decades of rigorous health research has shown that socially interactive exercise improves longevity, contributes to strong well-being, and helps stave off the negative effects of disease (particularly coronary conditions), depression, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Work and school lives can be stressful. Home life and meaningful relationships can be stressful. Learning and growing can create necessary stress, too. But PLAYING is the ultimate stress reliever. PLAYING with others additionally develops social skills, offers lessons in teamwork, and creates bonds that can be life-long. And playing on your e-bike is ideal for people of all ages and stages. 

For one thing, e-bikes are suitable for those at varying levels of physical fitness. Unlike tennis, racquetball, soccer, weightlifting, jogging, or even pickleball, e-biking allows anyone to easily calibrate exercise to match physical strength and increase agility over time without competitive pressure. Once you master your e-bike, the likelihood of muscle strains and injuries dramatically reduce, compared to other team sports.

Secondly, biking in groups with family, friends, and acquaintances can create new adventures by traveling somewhere unique to enjoy new sights and sounds. Novelty is key to continuing a healthy activity on a regular basis. E-biking brings more fresh and new experiences than other forms of group exercise.

Third, the pace of e-biking can be easily controlled by the biker. Slowing down to have meaningful conversations as you are traversing trails or sharing light-hearted jokes and observations about unique places visited is easily achieved on your e-bike. Those conversations are priceless for the future strengthening of ongoing relationships.

The happiest countries on the planet (Finland, according to the 2023 World Happiness Report, followed closely by its neighbors: Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Switzerland) enjoy a high rate of biking and e-biking. In all eight countries, safety paths abound. People bike in groups or clubs. In these Nordic nations (despite frigid weather) people of all ages incorporate PLAY, through biking, and enjoy much higher levels of well-being, year-round.

Want to be happy and healthy? Consider trying out e-biking. At Great Lakes Segway, Walled Lake Pedego, Pedego of Mount Dora, and Segway of Central Florida, we offer rentals and demonstrations. And we bet you will enjoy the experience so much, you (and your friends) might invest in owning e-bikes. Then go PLAY, whenever you want!


Our experts in both the states of Florida and Michigan are e-biking experts and joyful enthusiasts,  who advocate and engage in PLAY, 12 months out of the year. If you are buying one of our Segways or Pedegos, we stand ready to help with research and recommendations for safe  and fun riding. We can aid with training, safety, and purchases of e-devices, and accessories. Contact us, online, or come and visit with us, in-person, and bring your whole family or biking group!





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