Benefits Of Riding An E-Bike Around University/College Campus

Benefits Of Riding An E-Bike Around University/College Campus

Whether it’s your first semester at college, or you are starting your final year, one major (and irritating) obstacle is navigating the distance between classes, or getting anywhere quickly, on campus. Investing in an electric bike allows you to easily move from one campus point, to the next, without dying of exhaustion. 

Here are the top three reasons to consider purchasing your personal Pedego E-bike before the new school year. 

1). Travel Around Campus Faster

E-bikes are an easy and quick transportation method, becoming more popular throughout college/university communities.

Traversing campus quickly and easily with the Pedego E-bike minimizes the time it takes to get to class, the library, the lab, the cafeteria and more.  You won’t have the burden of any more 30-minute walks from one building to another. Riding your e-bike allows you to devote more time to studying, socializing, thinking, creating, and dreaming!

2). Save Money

College/university tuition, books, electronic learning devices, and other expenses are enough of a financial burden. By investing in an electric bike, you can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save significant amounts of money. You can say goodbye to paying for gas, taking on a car payment, and getting a parking permit. You can put the savings towards textbooks, other learning supplies, or something fun —- like a movie or dinner with your friends. 

3). Get Your Heart Rate Up

Don’t let the “Freshman 15’s” sneak up on you. Investing in an electric bike means investing in your own health, with assisted exercise whenever you want! Pedego E-bikes allow you to pick your ideal speed. With a powerful battery, pedal assist, throttle, and the ability to ride with no assistance, you can choose to get your daily dose of exercise, enjoy the need for speed, or get your heart rate up–whatever is best that day. Pedego electric bikes will meet you where you’re at, at the moment. 

Best Pedego E-Bike Options For College/University Students

Comfort Cruiser: For the last 10 years, the comfort cruiser has been the G.O.A.T of electric bikes. It is the preferred go-to option. 

City Commuter: Whether you’re riding around campus or hitting the town, the City Commuter allows you to travel with ease. 

Boomerang: With a low step-thru frame, the Pedego Boomerang is a fun and easy option to ride for everyone. 

Keep On Riding With Pedego E-Bikes

Regardless if you’re living on campus or commuting, a Pedego electric bike is the perfect addition to your school year necessities. We have a store in Mt. Dora Florida, and in Walled Lake, Michigan. To learn more, call the location nearest to you! 

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