GLS Partners with Boyne Mountain Resort to Add 8 New Segway x2 Units to Their Fleet

Boyne Mountain Resort is Northern Michigan’s leading destination for Segway tours, and Great Lakes Segway is proud to partner with them on their new Segway PT fleet!

Segway x2 PTs, Segway’s more off-road model, have been used at Boyne Mountain Resort for 3 years, and it was time to trade in these machines (due to a lease).  Great Lakes Segway provided eight new x2’s, along with all of the service, maintenance, and assembly.  Segway tours through the forests of northern Michigan have been a popular attraction for years at Boyne Mountain, and Great Lakes Segway is helping them continue that success for years to come.

These units are still in great condition, but Boyne Mountain’s lease allowed them to upgrade to brand new machines.  Each unit features SegAutostand kickstands (a more permanent kickstand than the traditional model) and handlebar bag, a perfect solution for your tour or off-road needs.

Service & Repair was also an important part of Boyne Mountain’s purchase.  By partnering with GLS, Michigan’s only authorized Segway dealer and service center, Boyne Mountain has the peace of mind that comes with knowing their Segway PTs will be cared for and maintained for years to come.  These new machines will be running smoothly for every rider, every day.

If you’re interested in Boyne Mountain’s exciting Segway Tours, click here to learn more.

Boyne Mountain’s tours aren’t something exclusive to their property!  Call today to see how Great Lakes Segway can help you bring the Segway experience to your customers.


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