General Maintenance Tips for your Segway PT

General preventative maintenance for your Segway PT helps decrease the need for major service and repair! We want to share some important tips as we go into the winter so your PT is ready to go as soon as the weather changes.

Preventative maintenance is all about being proactive, and Great Lakes Segway is the perfect resource for your unit. We recommend general maintenance and tune-ups for your unit on a regular basis, depending on how frequently you ride and the level of strain on the unit. The best tips we have to offer about general maintenance include proactive inspection, keeping PT batteries charged and warm, frame alignment of the LeanSteer, changing tires, replacing the infokey battery and elastomer replacement.

Segway PTs are of such high quality, each PT can last for many years to come with proper maintenance and battery care. With the challenges of the cold winter, PT owners can follow these simple tips throughout the winter to maximize the PT experience.

Keep Batteries Charged and Warm
PT batteries are one of the most important pieces of your machine and cold weather could freeze them, causing lasting damage. Please keep your batteries (and unit, if the batteries are attached) in a heated area that will not freeze overnight. The easiest way to charge your batteries is simply keeping them on your PT and plugged in. Worried about wasting electricity? Contact GLS for a trickle-charge timer!

Proactive Inspection
Are your tires wearing out? Is your LeanSteer handlebar loose or out of balance? Taking a close look at your machine is the easiest way to notice anything that might develop into a future issue. For example, you can also do this while cleaning your machine at the end of riding season. All of these issues and more can be replaced with a simple tune-up at GLS.

Replace the Infokey Battery
Your Infokey battery will lose its power after a year’s worth of use- make sure to replace the battery on a regular basis!

Replace Elastomers
Your PT has elastomers on each wheel bearing that help cushion your ride, which wear out. Ensure a smooth ride by coming to GLS and having these elastomers replaced as part of annual tune-up!

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