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i2 or x2- Finding the Perfect Unit for You!

Thinking about buying a Segway PT but not sure where to start?

GLS is a great resource for purchasing a fully refurbished Segway PT and educating about the various products we carry. A frequently asked question when it comes to PT units is “What is the difference between the i2 and the x2?” so we’re going to cover some main differences and the similarities!

The i2 and x2 units are traditional Segway PTs that are both equipped with lithium ion batteries, an infokey controller, adjustable handlebar height, Lean Steer technology along with a speed of up to 12.5 mph. The i2 and x2 PTs are quality units that require general maintenance and repair like any other piece of equipment. The main differences include the weight of the machine, mileage per full charge, tires, and the foot area of each style of PT. The Segway i2 weighs 82 pounds without the batteries and 105 total pounds with batteries attached to the unit. The Segway x2 weighs a bit more at 96 pounds standing alone and 119 pounds with batteries.

One similarity between units is the rider recommendation- Segway recommends the rider is at least 100 pounds to properly operate the unit, we typically recommend ages 12 and up to ride and enjoy the Segway PT experience. The rider weight is recommended up to 250 pounds along with up to 10 pounds in the cargo/ handlebar bag- we always recommend buying this accessory to simplify bringing your favorite items on your ride and improving rider experience!

A variation between models is the footprint area- the i2 is 25.5” x 25” while the x2 is 26.5” x 33” for added function, stability and room on the foot mat. The tires are also a main difference within units; the i2 has standard performance tires and the x2 has offroad 21” tires however, if you are interested in an i2 we do offer an upgrade for off-road tires here at GLS! The i2 runs about 24 miles per full charge while the x2 covers around 12 miles.

Overall, the i2 is recommended for a smooth and powerful ride while the x2 is more equipped for off-road and large ground coverage.

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