Health Benefits Of Spending More Time Outside

Throughout life, it’s common to hear that getting outside is essential for our physical and mental health, but do we truly understand the benefits?

More than likely, the answer is “no.” That’s okay because we’re going to break it down for you and discuss why it’s now more important than ever, to invest in your freedom and your ability to explore the great outdoors.


Five Benefits of Getting Outside

Being In Nature Improves Mental Health

When we spend more of our time out in the fresh air, feeling the wind on our face or the sunlight on our body, and surrounded by beauty, it helps us be present.

With the rise of technology, we can become so addicted to social media, and scrolling through other people’s lives, that we forget to focus on our own well-being, and simply experience our own moments.

According to, by taking time every day to go outside, we can notice an improvement in our mood, feel less anxious or stressed, and feel more confident and relaxed.


Nature Boosts Your Immunity

Besides our mental health, our physical health and immunity can improve when we spend time outside.

Our bodies need Vitamin D to properly function. This comes from sunlight, and when we don’t have enough, it weakens our immune system. A new study from Georgetown University Medical Center shows that sunlight can increase the speed of our T cells, which is an essential part of our immune system to fight off illnesses.


Increasing Social Interaction

If this COVID-19 pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that we can’t do life on our own, and we need other people.

When we get outside, whether we’re participating in a sport, hiking, or simply going for a walk, there’s always a way for us to add social interaction.

Rather than staying in a rut of exercising alone, be intentional. Reach out to a friend or family member, and plan a time to go for a walk. You can keep each other accountable to meet up once a week to catch up on life while getting your steps in.


Helps To Generate Creativity

Have you noticed that your best ideas come when you’re out in nature? Well, it’s not a fluke. When we’re in a relaxed state, we have a better chance of thinking creatively and seeing the bigger picture rather than what’s right in front of us. 


Improve Your Focus

Trying to stay focused can seem like a full-time job, in and of itself, some days. So, if you’re noticing that you are getting distracted, take a 10-minute walk. Even in that short amount of time, it allows our brain to decompress and take a break from what is draining us.

After taking that break, we have a better chance of staying focused on the task at hand.


Invest In Your Freedom And Ability To Enjoy Nature

One of our favorite ways to explore the great outdoors is riding a Segway or Pedego electric bike. Regardless of your stage of life, personal mobility products are a way to invest in yourself.

Segways act as a personal transporter while allowing you to explore everything from your local community to the trails and pathways, allowing you to see new places you weren’t able to see before. Plus, Segways can cover a variety of terrain from dirt, grass, pavement, and other surfaces, which gives you the flexibility and true freedom to explore. 

Pedego E-bikes allow you to enjoy the benefits of being outside without getting overly tired. With a powerful battery, a pedal-assist system, throttle, and the ability to ride with no assistance, you’re able to find the speed that works best for you. The 3 riding modes allow riders to get exercise at their own pace and get assistance when needed.

In the end, these two products provide you with a reliable method of high-performance transportation that reduces your carbon footprint while providing the health benefits of being outdoors in nature.


Keep On Rolling

We provide two locations to help you find the right outdoor recreation solution for you; Great Lakes Segway based in Michigan and Segway of Central Florida, in Florida. We are committed to helping you find your perfect mobility preference. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, contact the location nearest to you. 


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