Benefits of the Outdoors

Spring has sprung, and here at GLS, we are itching to get outdoors more than ever! Summer is quickly approaching with beautiful weather ahead, and we have the perfect opportunity to enjoy your newest electric mobility product! Or, even take a walk around beautiful Walled Lake seconds from our showroom!

The outdoors holds many benefits to offer including exercise, improving mental health, increasing your daily dose of Vitamin D, and improving your mood! Physical activity and exercise is the most obvious benefit of spending time outdoors from hobbies like gardening, walking, biking or even doing an outdoor workout as opposed to an indoor gym but the outdoors have so much more to offer!

We are all about the outdoors at GLS, and are also huge advocates for our sister company, Pedego Walled Lake! Pedego Electric Bikes allow you to enjoy the outdoors as a powerful battery helps you ride at the speed you want to go. With a pedal assist system, thumb throttle, or standard riding, you can find your perfect speed.

Studies have shown that being outdoors increases your willingness to exercise, and it definitely seems a lot easier to burn those calories when it’s 75 and sunny! With so many beautiful places in Michigan,we are lucky to have Pavilion Shore Park for our Segway tours and Walled Lake for the best view! Our Segway tours and Pedego bike rentals are a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors this summer as well!

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