The Many Benefits of Electric Bikes

An electric bike can allow you to take the road less traveled, as you are able to have more unique experiences outdoors. Expanding your mindset by expanding your biking opportunities is so important, especially when taking advantage of all the beautiful trails and landmarks throughout Michigan.

Great Lakes Segway is now offering Pedego Electric Bikes, through our sister store, Pedego Walled Lake. These bikes include electric pedal assist, thumb throttle and easy to use features that allow you to have an enjoyable ride with any level of assistance.

Electric bikes are gaining popularity for so many reasons. From energy efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and quality, an ebike will be something you enjoy for many years to come! Today’s electric bikes are built to last and designed to be electric, creating a durable bike that will last for years. Pedego Electric Bikes include a 5 year manufacturer warranty for virtually all parts, as well as a lifetime frame warranty, as one example.

One important feature on Pedego bikes is that the electric boost is all in the rider’s control. You don’t have to always have assistance, but the pedal assist system and throttle are always there to help give you the extra boost you need, when you need it. The lithium ion battery allows for hours of uninterrupted riding, that you may not be able to sustain with a regular bike, creating longer rides and more memories.

We are here and very excited to provide this opportunity to our community at Pedego Walled Lake! Come try one of our electric bikes today!

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