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19 January 2021

Finding the Best Scooter for YOU!

Finding the Best Scooter for YOU!

Great Lakes Segway’s lineup of Ninebot electric scooters provide a wide variety of options for riders. GLS offers five different KickScooters, all available at our showroom in Walled Lake, MI. What makes each scooter unique? This guide will showcase each unit’s differences and similarities.

Great Lakes Segway currently has the ES1, ES2, ES4, MAX and Air T15 KickScooters – all of which are reliable and durable personal transportation. However, which truly is the best fit for you?

Here are some of the questions on qualities that we get asked often:

  • The fastest scooter is the Ninebot MAX and ES4 (both of which have a top speed of 18.6 mph)
  • The furthest range is the Ninebot MAX (40.4 miles maximum range)
  • The lightest scooter is the Air T15 (weighing at 23.2 lbs)
  • The most compact scooter is the Air T15 (8.7 inches height when folded)
Scooter MAX

Ninebot Max

The Ninebot MAX features include 18.6 mph with a range up to 40 miles, 3 riding modes (Eco, Standard and Sport), ability to climb slopes of 20%, LED dashboard, rear-wheel drive and bluetooth connectivity!
GLS price – $799.00

Ninebot ES4

The Ninebot ES4 features include: top speed of nearly 19 mph, range up to 28 miles, internal and external lithium ion battery, built in LED display, cruise control option, anti-slip handle.
GLS price – $799.99

Air T15

The Air T15 features include: top speed 12.4 mph, 9.3 miles maximum range, compact and lightweight, ipx4 weather resistant, cruise control, 4 riding modes (pedestrian, energy-saving, standard and sport mode), retractable handle bar, built in front & rear led lights, bezel-less dashboard, fender brake.
GLS price – $599.99

Ninebot ES2

The Ninebot ES2 features include: one-click folding system, top speed 12 mph and up to 15 mile range per full charge, rear lights and shock absorption.
GLS price – $649.99

Ninebot ES1

The Ninebot ES1 features include: top speed of 12 mph with a range of 15.5 miles, 3.5 hours maximum charge time.
GLS price – $599.99

As you look at purchasing a scooter, consider the range, speed, compactness, price and durability!  The MAX Scooter is the most durable scooter with the longest range and incredible quality. For shorter rides, the Air T15 is great for commuting around the city, with its compact and light frame. The ES KickScooter series has their own strengths and weaknesses, with a range in price from $599.99 to $799.99.

All five of the Ninebot KickScooters GLS offers come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty from Segway-Ninebot!  In addition, the Segway-Ninebot app is available for KickScooters with bluetooth connectivity.  

If you have any other questions on which scooter is the best fit for you, Great Lakes Segway is here for any and all questions! Call us at 248-896-2600, message us on social media, or email!

12 January 2021

i2 or x2- Finding the Perfect Unit for You!

Thinking about buying a Segway PT but not sure where to start?

GLS is a great resource for purchasing a fully refurbished Segway PT and educating about the various products we carry. A frequently asked question when it comes to PT units is “What is the difference between the i2 and the x2?” so we’re going to cover some main differences and the similarities!

The i2 and x2 units are traditional Segway PTs that are both equipped with lithium ion batteries, an infokey controller, adjustable handlebar height, Lean Steer technology along with a speed of up to 12.5 mph. The i2 and x2 PTs are quality units that require general maintenance and repair like any other piece of equipment. The main differences include the weight of the machine, mileage per full charge, tires, and the foot area of each style of PT. The Segway i2 weighs 82 pounds without the batteries and 105 total pounds with batteries attached to the unit. The Segway x2 weighs a bit more at 96 pounds standing alone and 119 pounds with batteries.

One similarity between units is the rider recommendation- Segway recommends the rider is at least 100 pounds to properly operate the unit, we typically recommend ages 12 and up to ride and enjoy the Segway PT experience. The rider weight is recommended up to 250 pounds along with up to 10 pounds in the cargo/ handlebar bag- we always recommend buying this accessory to simplify bringing your favorite items on your ride and improving rider experience!

A variation between models is the footprint area- the i2 is 25.5” x 25” while the x2 is 26.5” x 33” for added function, stability and room on the foot mat. The tires are also a main difference within units; the i2 has standard performance tires and the x2 has offroad 21” tires however, if you are interested in an i2 we do offer an upgrade for off-road tires here at GLS! The i2 runs about 24 miles per full charge while the x2 covers around 12 miles.

Overall, the i2 is recommended for a smooth and powerful ride while the x2 is more equipped for off-road and large ground coverage.

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about Segway PTs, our friendly & expert staff is ready to help and get them answered!

Browse our PT Units

Take a look at our available lineup of i2 and x2 units ready for purchase!


4 January 2021

General Maintenance Tips for your Segway PT

segway-x2-model-lifestyle General preventative maintenance for your Segway PT helps decrease the need for major service and repair! We want to share some important tips as we go into the winter so your PT is ready to go as soon as the weather changes.

Preventative maintenance is all about being proactive, and Great Lakes Segway is the perfect resource for your unit. We recommend general maintenance and tune-ups for your unit on a regular basis, depending on how frequently you ride and the level of strain on the unit. The best tips we have to offer about general maintenance include proactive inspection, keeping PT batteries charged and warm, frame alignment of the LeanSteer, changing tires, replacing the infokey battery and elastomer replacement.

Segway PTs are of such high quality, each PT can last for many years to come with proper maintenance and battery care. With the challenges of the cold winter, PT owners can follow these simple tips throughout the winter to maximize the PT experience.

Keep Batteries Charged and Warm
PT batteries are one of the most important pieces of your machine and cold weather could freeze them, causing lasting damage. Please keep your batteries (and unit, if the batteries are attached) in a heated area that will not freeze overnight. The easiest way to charge your batteries is simply keeping them on your PT and plugged in. Worried about wasting electricity? Contact GLS for a trickle-charge timer!

Proactive Inspection
Are your tires wearing out? Is your LeanSteer handlebar loose or out of balance? Taking a close look at your machine is the easiest way to notice anything that might develop into a future issue. For example, you can also do this while cleaning your machine at the end of riding season. All of these issues and more can be replaced with a simple tune-up at GLS.

Replace the Infokey Battery
Your Infokey battery will lose its power after a year’s worth of use- make sure to replace the battery on a regular basis!

Replace Elastomers
Your PT has elastomers on each wheel bearing that help cushion your ride, which wear out. Ensure a smooth ride by coming to GLS and having these elastomers replaced as part of annual tune-up!

7 June 2020

Did You See Us At The 2020 Michigan Golf Show?

Great Lakes Segway was a featured attraction at the 2020 Michigan Golf Show. Our booth was one of the most popular and unique, with visitors learning to ride, experiencing Segway products for the first time, and learning about how Segway could revolutionize their golf game and beyond.

WXYZ 7 in Detroit profiled us during their morning coverage of the show. That video is below, please check it out and enjoy!

Are you looking to change your golf routine in 2020, from wanting social distance to merely speeding up your pace of play? Or are there other mobility challenges that you’d like to solve? Great Lakes Segway is here for you, in-store, over the phone, by email, or online!

27 May 2020

Sterling Heights Police Purchases 2 Segway Patrollers From GLS Using Grant & Forfeiture Funds

In Sterling Heights, two Segway PTs are headed out on the streets soon to watch over events and parks.

The Sterling Heights Police Department purchased two Segway PT patrollers in May. After the success that the department has experienced with Segway rentals, it was an easy choice.

“We have rented them for the past couple of years for Sterlingfest Art and Music Festival and the amount of ground the officers could cover was tremendous,” Lt. Mario Bastianelli told the Macomb Daily. “We also plan on using them for park patrols and all of our outdoor events, including our weekly farmers markets and concerts in the park.”

Officers told the Daily that Segway PTs are “very effective” for crowd control, from parks and trails, to special events. On top of the benefits added with the PT, the community has given a lot of positive feedback to the department for having Segways.

The units were purchased from two sources, a $18,200 U.S. Justice Department grant and $6,000 from state forfeiture funds.

Sterling Heights Police Segways
Sterling Heights Police Segway Patroller

Could your department use Segway PTs to manage all forms of crowd control this summer? Great Lakes Segway is here for you. Reach out to us today, we are open by appointment and here to help!

27 May 2020

GLS Provides 2 Recon eBikes to Muskegon Police for Stealth Patrolling

Great Lakes Segway was recently featured on, as Muskegon’s police purchased two Recon e-bikes with the community excited about the purchase.

Muskegon Police are using the bikes as part of a stealth patrol, going through high-crime residential areas in a way that doesn’t attract attention like a police car would. These patrols are stepped up, due to increased crime during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We think they’re going to be a great asset,” Lewis said. “These are not electric bikes of yesteryear. They’re very tactically built. They’ll operate fully electronically without pedaling,” Muskegon Police Chief Jeffrey Lewis told

Muskegon Police eBikes

Could your department use a similar kind of patrol, with the same equipment? Contact us today, we are open by appointment and ready to help!

26 March 2020

GLS Remains in Operation Through COVID-19 Outbreak

Thank you for visiting our website.

We are continuing to remain open. Although we have temporarily closed our physical showroom to the public (per the Michigan Governor’s orders) we are accepting appointments for in-person, product and service pickups, and drop-off’s. We are also continuing to offer online orders and will continue to ship your orders.

Please call 248-896-2600 or send an email to for more information about our Segway and electric bike products and services. We look forward to assisting you and getting back to normal operations as soon as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Thank you for your continued support during these tough times.

John E. Smith
Owner, Great Lakes Segway

26 February 2020

Get Your Extended Range Segway Battery from Great Lakes Segway!

Hey, Segway enthusiasts! Segway now offers an upgraded lithium ion Segway battery with a much longer range compared to the older batteries, with only a nominal increase in price.

The new Segway battery is completely compatible with all i2, i2 SE, x2, and the x2 SE models. With the new batteries you can expect a range of up to 44 miles on the i2 or a range of up to 22 miles on the x2 on a full charge. Of course, as before, these ranges depend on weight, riding style and terrain.

If this is something you are interested in, or know that your batteries have limited life, Segway HIGHLY recommends replacing both batteries at the same time.

For ordering information, give Great Lakes Segway a call at (248) 896-2600. Or better yet, stop by our Walled Lake Retail store and check out all of our amazing products! 239 E. Walled Lake Dr., Walled Lake, MI 48390.

Not in our areas? no problem! You can order your new Segway PT batteries right now through our website by click here. We can typically provide next day shipping on all orders!

We would love the opportunity to earn your business!

Great Lakes Segway is the country’s largest provider of fully refurbished Segway PTs! We are a full service Segway provider for personal, commercial, and public safety use. We are also a full service Level 3 Segway Service Center authorized to repair and maintain any Segway model.

We also provide a full lineup of Segway upgrades and accessories to give you a better, longer, and more enjoyable Segway ride. Please feel free to contact our friendly Segway sales & service team anytime! Let us help answer your questions with professional, friendly, and experienced knowledge. At Great Lakes Swgay, that’s how we roll!

Check out our Google Reviews!

Segway battery
Extended Segway Battery

7 February 2020

Save up to $100 on Our Best Segway Products Now Until March 31!

Now through March 31, 2020 you can take advantage of an exciting cash back savings on select Segway products! After purchase, you can either visit or text SEGWAY to 833-831-4440 and enter in the required information to redeem a pre-paid Visa gift card. Once the information has been submitted, the rebate will be issued 14 days after purchase.

This offer is not being offered through other online retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, or Target.

$50 Prepaid Visa with a purchase of an ES2
$100 Prepaid Visa with a purchase of a Max Scooter or Go Kart Kit purchase

Ninebot KickScooter by Segway ES2

Ninebot KickScooter MAX

Ninebot GoKart Kit

8 December 2019

Check Out Our Special 2019 Holiday Deals!

We’re excited for the holiday season and have some exclusive offers and discounts! Get these deals while they last and make this holiday something to remember for those you love!


Monday – Saturday
9:00am – 6:00pm


MAX Mobility. MAX Quality. MAX Versatility. MAX Portability. The Ninebot KickScooter MAX by Segway is designed to be the most sturdy and powerful electric scooter.



The Ninebot Gokart is one of the most unique accessories on the market. By attaching your Ninebot S base to the kit you’re able to enjoy a fully-functional Gokart, with speeds of up to 15mph!

Full Kit $1,499

Refurbished Segway i2

Our used Segway i2 integrates function, style, and fun. All of our used i2 units come fully restored by our certified repair center. They are road tested for a guaranteed great ride!

$500 OFF!

GLS Gift Cards

Redeemable for Tours, New & Refurb Units, & More!

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Pre-Owned Ninebot ES1 Kickstooer

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