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11 May 2021

Introducing the Segway eMoped C80

The Segway eMoped C80 is the latest and greatest product in the Segway-Ninebot lineup at GLS!

This electric moped is reliable, high-tech, durable and user-friendly! The eMoped C80 has a top speed of 20 mph, with a range of 47-52 miles on a full charge. This eMoped, the first of its kind by Segway, has been incredibly popular already.

The eMoped is a very practical and advanced means of personal transportation, along with the environmentally-friendly benefits of a fully electric machine. Some features include the RideyGo! Intelligent System, auto-lock mode, smart seat detection, airlock system, NFC swipe to unlock, as well as connectivity to the Segway-Ninebot app directly from your mobile device. All of these features combine to keep your eMoped safe and secure.

Additionally, the emoped has a dual braking system, front shock absorption, and built-in LED front lights, providing all of the traditional safety features that riders expect and need. The unit weighs 121 pounds and is just over 5 feet high, allowing for easy transport and storage in office spaces, elevators, parking spots, and your home! The Segway eMoped C80 is truly made to be high quality and user-friendly enough to simply hop on and start your day of riding!

The Segway eMoped C80 is available for test drives in our showroom, and can be purchased in-person or directly online. We have both color variations in stock, blue/yellow and gray/yellow. Call us at 248-896-2600 if you have any questions!

4 May 2021

What is a Class 2 Bike?

One question that comes up frequently at Pedego Walled Lake is what exactly electric bikes are. Are they purely electric or can you pedal them as well? How fast do they go? Where can I ride them?

We want to help answer our most frequently asked questions, so that you can learn before you ride.

First up, all of our Pedego electric bikes are rated Class 2, which means two things: the top motorized speed on the bike is 20 mph, and the bike comes with a thumb throttle.

Michigan has a general speed limit of 20 mph on so many trails, recreation facilities and outdoor adventure opportunities, making our bikes trail legal virtually everywhere you ride. Some trails, such as Kensington Metropark, have bike speed limits of 10 mph on certain trails, for example.

Class 2 bikes specifically both have a pedal assist system, along with a throttle. Both work with the motor to allow the rider to decide how much pedaling they would prefer to do. The pedal assist system only activates when the rider is pedaling, while the throttle can get the bike moving at any time.

Different states and recreational areas have varying rules regarding ebikes so be sure to verify with your local parks and trails! We recommend spending as much time in the outdoors as possible and have some resources to share – feel free to come into our showroom or watch this space for some trail recommendations around Michigan!

28 April 2021

The Many Benefits of Electric Bikes

An electric bike can allow you to take the road less traveled, as you are able to have more unique experiences outdoors. Expanding your mindset by expanding your biking opportunities is so important, especially when taking advantage of all the beautiful trails and landmarks throughout Michigan.

Great Lakes Segway is now offering Pedego Electric Bikes, through our sister store, Pedego Walled Lake. These bikes include electric pedal assist, thumb throttle and easy to use features that allow you to have an enjoyable ride with any level of assistance.

Electric bikes are gaining popularity for so many reasons. From energy efficiency, effectiveness, reliability and quality, an ebike will be something you enjoy for many years to come! Today’s electric bikes are built to last and designed to be electric, creating a durable bike that will last for years. Pedego Electric Bikes include a 5 year manufacturer warranty for virtually all parts, as well as a lifetime frame warranty, as one example.

One important feature on Pedego bikes is that the electric boost is all in the rider’s control. You don’t have to always have assistance, but the pedal assist system and throttle are always there to help give you the extra boost you need, when you need it. The lithium ion battery allows for hours of uninterrupted riding, that you may not be able to sustain with a regular bike, creating longer rides and more memories.

We are here and very excited to provide this opportunity to our community at Pedego Walled Lake! Come try one of our electric bikes today!

22 April 2021

Benefits of the Outdoors

Spring has sprung, and here at GLS, we are itching to get outdoors more than ever! Summer is quickly approaching with beautiful weather ahead, and we have the perfect opportunity to enjoy your newest electric mobility product! Or, even take a walk around beautiful Walled Lake seconds from our showroom!

The outdoors holds many benefits to offer including exercise, improving mental health, increasing your daily dose of Vitamin D, and improving your mood! Physical activity and exercise is the most obvious benefit of spending time outdoors from hobbies like gardening, walking, biking or even doing an outdoor workout as opposed to an indoor gym but the outdoors have so much more to offer!

We are all about the outdoors at GLS, and are also huge advocates for our sister company, Pedego Walled Lake! Pedego Electric Bikes allow you to enjoy the outdoors as a powerful battery helps you ride at the speed you want to go. With a pedal assist system, thumb throttle, or standard riding, you can find your perfect speed.

Studies have shown that being outdoors increases your willingness to exercise, and it definitely seems a lot easier to burn those calories when it’s 75 and sunny! With so many beautiful places in Michigan,we are lucky to have Pavilion Shore Park for our Segway tours and Walled Lake for the best view! Our Segway tours and Pedego bike rentals are a perfect opportunity to spend time outdoors this summer as well!

15 April 2021

Financing Solutions at GLS

Are you looking to bring home your new ride, but can’t pay for everything entirely upfront? Great Lakes Segway has a variety of financing solutions to help! While we do not directly finance purchases, our trusted financing partners of Affirm, PayPal Credit, Community Financial, or your personal bank/credit union are all solutions here at GLS!

We work with two kinds of lending institutions, retail financing and your local bank.

Affirm and Synchrony are both retail-focused lending institutions, here for you to apply at a purchase to open up a line of credit that can be used for that specific purpose, and for purchases in the future. Both of these would have on-site approval, and would be immediately available to apply to your order. For future purchases, you will receive a credit card in the mail, that can be used like any other consumer credit card. From what we’ve seen at GLS, Affirm is typically better for smaller purchases ($4,000 and less) and Synchrony is intended for larger purchases ($4,000 and above).

Community Financial, or your local bank or credit union, works somewhat differently. For this, you would take out a small loan (similar to the process for a car loan), and would bring us a certified cheque for the full amount of the purchase. This may take longer to complete, but you would have the advantage of working with your financial institution on paying it down easier and quicker.

We want to help you find the perfect product solution for you and financing can be part of that equation! Call us at 248-896-2600 with any questions or visit our financing page

6 April 2021

Navigating the Segway-Ninebot App

The Segway-Ninebot app connects your products to your phone, for a variety of great features and improvements. From switching riding modes and changing colored lights, to unlocking units, viewing mileage, and tracking speed and battery levels, the Segway-Ninebot app is invaluable for any Segway-Ninebot owner.

Simple Steps:
1. Download App
2. Create Profile
3. Turn on Segway-Ninebot product to pair via Bluetooth
4. Complete user tutorials, and have fun!

Bluetooth connectivity links your device to your app, with a simple connection to truly enhance your riding experience! As if the Segway-Ninebot technology wasn’t already incredible, this app takes your products to the next level. Once the app is downloaded and the unit is paired to your device, it will require rider tutorials and step-by-step instructions to ensure the rider is confident and knowledgeable to operate their machine.

The Segway-Ninebot app is required for use with many of our products, including the Ninebot GoKart and GoKart PRO, all Ninebot scooters, and the Ninebot S and S+. With new rider tutorials linked to the app, the app is required for proper setup and operation. For example, the Ninebot GoKart and the Ninebot GoKart PRO require using the app to set up a rider mode and learn pedal functions.

The app is free to download on both the Google Play and Apple stores, and we strongly encourage all Segway-Ninebot customers to download it!

31 March 2021

Take a Guided Segway Tour: Starting June 2nd!

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Great Lakes Segway is here for you! With our Segway and Pedego tours and rentals, GLS offers a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors this year.

Tours will begin on June 2nd, and will typically run until October, as the weather changes. We offer three time slots from Wednesday-Friday, with additional slots on Saturday. Riding times will be posted on GLS’ FareHarbor booking page, with times subject to change depending on the weather.

GLS is bringing tours to some new locations in 2021! With a spot on the Airline Trail, you can rent ebikes and Segway PTs to take on the trail. We have also partnered with parks and recreation departments in West Bloomfield and Davison Township to provide rides in these communities! If you would like to bring our highly-recommended electric tours to your town, please reach out to schedule.

Each rider must complete a 30 minute Segway training session, before the one-hour guided tour, along with wearing a helmet and signing a waiver. Pedego renters will have a 15-minute training session, to get acclimated to riding an electric bike, along with wearing a helmet. Our tours are available for guests 12+, with parent/legal guardians required to ride with any minor.

Tours are designed for groups of 1-6 people, but we are happy to accommodate more if we are able to! Cruise the beautiful lake, explore the downtown, learn about the rich history, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The guided tour allows you to experience beautiful Walled Lake, and learn the rich history like the old amusement park!

GLS is so excited to welcome you to a Segway experience and our tours are the perfect way to learn and enjoy them! Please check our FareHarbor page for more details, or call us at (248) 896-2600!

23 March 2021

The Benefits of Electric Mobility Products

Electric mobility products have surged in popularity lately, with so many benefits over more traditional machines. Why is that?

At Great Lakes Segway, we want to be both your authorized dealer and an educational resource to understand the benefits of everything we provide.

The top three benefits include cost over time, environmental impact and efficiency: high performance, low maintenance.

Operationally, the financial cost of your electric vehicle will be much lower over time than with something gas-powered. With a simple electric charge, your machine’s batteries will last for years to come, cost only pennies to charge, all without the mess and smell of a gas-powered engine. While you may save some money upfront, you will save time, energy, and money in the long run.

Reducing your carbon footprint and overall emissions is easy with an electric product, as all of our machines are totally electric and gas-free.

For example, our top-selling Ninebot MAX Kickscooter takes six hours for a full charge, lasts for up to 40 miles of range, and can reach a top speed of 18.6 mph.

Electric mobility products are very efficient in terms of high performance, low maintenance and reliability. Let Great Lakes Segway be your guide to finding the right electric solution for you!

17 March 2021

Explaining Our Service Process

Great Lakes Segway is deeply invested in service, with a dedicated service center for all of your service, repair and preventative maintenance needs! We have served customers from around the United States, along with countries around the world.

As a Segway Level 3 Service and Repair Center, GLS is the official warranty center for the Segway PT, along with the other products that we sell. Our clients include everyone, from police departments, large security firms, tour companies, and mall complexes, to individual PT owners that just love their machines.

Our service process is simple, with our nationwide EZ Ship program. We can send you all the boxes and shipping labels needed to get your machines to GLS, and all you need to do is pack up your Segway. Once the package arrives at our service center, we perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation to get to the root of any issues. We contact you to explain the issues, and proceed as requested from there on any repairs. As machines are completed, they are packed in the same box and sent back out to you! From single machines to fleets, Great Lakes Segway is here to provide the finest customer care and repair service in the country.

We are here to service all Segway PTs, from the Gen 1 to the newest SE. Working directly with FedEx, GLS is able to ship directly from your address to our service center, nationwide. Call us today at 248-859-5057 to get your machines running smoothly again!

2 March 2021

Spring Preview at GLS

Segway Owner Resources

Spring is almost here and Great Lakes Segway is so excited to announce some of our spring product lineup!

In preparation of expanding our product line, we will be adding a secondary showroom solely for our Pedego Electric Bikes, as well as showcasing Segway, Ninebot, and other products in our original showroom like the Segway eMoped C-80 and the Ninebot GoKart Pro. This Pedego showroom is at the same location, in our former back room.

The Segway eMoped C-80 is an efficient, durable and eco-friendly option for daily commuting or fun. This electric moped reaches a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 47-52.8 miles which is perfect for students, commuters or someone looking to buy a fun ride! In addition to incredible reliability, it is equipped with the RideyGo! Intelligent System which includes an airlock system, NFC tag, smart seat detection and auto-lock mode.

The Ninebot GoKart Pro is a high-level performance gokart and has plenty of bells and whistles on top of the incredible specs. With a top speed of 23 mph, and a maximum range of 15.5 miles, this GoKart will be thrilling for all riders! Four driving modes and app connectivity allows for added safety and a positive user experience. An adjustable body can accommodate drivers from 51” to 75”, allowing all ages to have fun.

Our showroom is the one-stop spot for all of your mobility needs, more than ever before. Check out this website or give us a call for any questions on Pedego electric bikes!