What are the laws for e-bikes on Michigan trails?

Riding Trails In Michigan 

The weather is getting warm; gas prices are high, which can limit your car or truck use; and we bet you are itching to go exploring! Well, at Walled Lake Pedego, we understand your longing for adventure, new vistas, and healthy fun, in a cost-effective way. The world is opening up, to a greater extent, and the beautiful landscapes and peaceful, interesting trails of Michigan are beckoning.


Can I Take A Cost-Effective Electric Bike On A Trail In Michigan?

There is a bounty of beautiful trails throughout the “Mitten” state. The simple answer to “can I take an electric bike on the trails” is YES! But you will want to be cognizant of a few restrictions, as you make your choice of bike.


Class 1 E-bike

A Class 1 electric bike has pedal assistance but not a throttle. For pedal assistance (PA) to work, you need to be pedaling. On most Michigan trails, you can ride an electric bike with pedal assistance but not one with a throttle. So the Class 1 e-bike, with a speed of 20 mph, is your best bet for many trails.


Class 2 E-bike

When it comes to the Class 2 electric bike, you can use the throttle without pedaling. The throttle on Pedego e-bikes has a grip/twist method on the handlebar. You can ride up to 20 mph just like the Class 1 e-bike, but you don’t need to be pedaling to use the electric speed option.


Class 3 E-bike

The Class 3 electric bike also has pedal assistance, but it is faster! Instead of maxing out at 20 mph, you can go up to 28 mph on a Class 3 e-bike.


What Type Of E-Bike Is Allowed On Michigan Trails?

According to the website, you can ride a Class 1 electric bike on the local trails, but you can only go up to 20 mph.

Even though Class 2 meets the maximum miles per hour rate, you cannot ride an electric bike with a throttle on the trails in Michigan. (Don’t worry, it’s okay for riding around town but just not on your local trail.). And you can use a Class 3 bike, but you are restricted from going any faster than 20 miles per hour.


Rail Trail Examples

Before you hit the trails, there is one more essential factor to remember. If you want to ride your electric bike on one of the local rail trails, you will need to find one covered with asphalt or crushed limestone for a smooth ride.

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular options that people choose throughout Michigan.


Polly Ann State Rail Trail

This is a beautiful 36-mile stretch between Orion Township and Kings Mill Road, located north of Imlay City in Lapeer County.


Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

This breathtaking trail is 92 miles and passes through 15 different towns and cities. You will see a wide variety of wildlife throughout your peaceful bike ride.


Iron Ore Heritage Trail

During your 47-mile journey, you will cross through the Marquette Iron Range located in the Upper Peninsula. It’s open year-round, so you can continue enjoying stunning views regardless of the season.


North Central State Trail

Explore this 75-mile flat trail line, perfect for a nice long bike ride.


William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail SP

Surrounded by the forest, you can take in the scenic view for 22-miles.


Pedego Electric Bike

If you’re looking to ride your Pedego e-bike on one of  Michigan’s local trails, we want to highlight a couple of bike options that are allowed based on state law.


City Commuter: Lite Edition

For those commuting within the city or wanting to explore the beautiful rail trails, we have a wide variety of e-bikes perfect for your needs. Our Lite Edition proves that sometimes less is more. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t–all for an irresistible price.


Comfort Cruiser

Our comfort cruiser is renowned as the original Pedego e-bike. For the last 10 years, it has made people smile. We can’t wait for you to have the same experience!


Ask Your Local Pedego Dealer

We understand making a bike choice can be confusing at times. Our staff at Pedego Walled Lake has the necessary understanding and knowledge of the local trails and e-bikes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Call us at (248) 896-2600 or visit our store today.

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