What Is The Range For A Segway

What Is A Segway?

Before we review the specifications of a Segway, we want to explain what a Segway is for people interested in learning more. A Segway is a personal mobility vehicle with two wheels and a standing platform for the rider to hold on to the designated handlebars. The rider uses his/her body to move in any direction.


Specifications And Types Of Segways

When it comes to Segways, there are two types on which we are focusing — the i2 PT and the x2 PT.

You might be thinking, are they even different? The answer is “YES.” Here is what makes them similar and also differentiates each of them. 

A Segway i2 is perfect for exploring your community. Whether you’re on a trip or in your own neighborhood, you’ll be able to see more and experience more around you, than if you were using a car. And you can travel a fair distance, with reasonable speed. Depending on the terrain, you can go up to 24 miles before you need to recharge.

Our Segway x2 has ATV-style tires, which makes it ideal for uneven roads. It can handle the majority of terrains, so it’s perfect to use as your personal mobility vehicle while traveling outside of your normal comfort zones. Since you can traverse most terrains, it does cut down the battery life to 12 miles per charge, but that can’t stop you from hitting the trails.

What makes these two methods of personal mobility similar is that both of them enable people to get outside more and explore. The main difference is the distance you can travel before recharging and which will work best for the terrain on which you want to ride. We recommend making a checklist of what you want to do with your Segway. Based on that information, you can analyze which model would be the closest to meeting your unique requirements.


Benefits Of Riding One

Besides the benefits we mentioned above, here are a few more reasons you should consider getting a Segway.

Safety is essential, regardless of your age. We’re proud to say that Segways are safe for all ages– while helping people spend more time outside and in the sun and empowering them to go farther than they could on foot.

Besides safety, Segways contribute to enhanced health. Rather than sitting around watching tv all day, try riding a Segway! You’ll get some fresh air, physical activity, exploration, and add more fun to your day. 

Even though you’re not moving your feet one at a time, you end up using muscles while riding. And you also can help reduce mental health struggles at the same time since studies show how beneficial the sun is for relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Overall, regardless of the model you choose, a Segway can help change your life for the better while providing you with a reliable and safe personal mobility vehicle. 


Keep On Rolling

If you’re interested in learning more, we have two locations that can help you find the right Segway for you. Great Lakes Segway based in Michigan is one, and the other is  Segway of Central Florida, in Mt. Dora Florida.

You don’t want to miss out, so make sure to contact the location nearest to you today. 

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