E-Biking as a Family!

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Father’s Day is not far behind. So, the teams at Great Lakes Segway, Walled Lake Pedego, Pedego of Mount Dora, and Segway of Central Florida are celebrating multi-generational families of all kinds.

The fast pace of modern life can take its toll on families. With work, school, sports, hobbies, social media, and friends consuming energy and attention, it becomes increasingly difficult to schedule “family time.” But strong family bonds built through quality time are essential for both mental and physical health.

E-biking is just one of the many activities your family can do together to improve bodily health, strength, psychological and physical development, learning and happiness!

Building Self-Esteem

Children who spend time with their siblings and parents build a positive sense of self-worth. Attention from important adults, and sharing both unique and everyday experiences together, are essential to children’s growth.

But location matters, too. New sights/sounds, and visiting new venues, can be the greatest antidotes to childhood depression, and the best methods to encourage ongoing development. E-biking can be a great way to introduce children in the family to new activities and experiences.

Family Bonding and Positive Behaviors

Many studies have found that families who participate in planned or spontaneous group activities share much stronger emotional bonds and build family resiliency. No challenge is too hard. Any path can be traversed, and most challenges can be overcome when you do it together. One of the best characteristics of e-bikes is that they are great for all generations. If your partner, or child, has physical trouble with a standard bike, an e-bike eases the issue by making biking so much less strenuous no matter your age!

Additionally, children and adolescents who have the chance to experience fun and adventures with their parents, siblings, and grandparents are less likely to get involved in risky habits. The National Center on Addiction and Substance abuse, as one example, has done extensive research. They have found that teenagers and children who regularly enjoy family dinners, family outings, family gatherings and trips, don’t experiment with tobacco, alcohol, and legal/illegal drugs to the same extent as those who are not as lucky.

Communication and Education

When parents and grandparents spend more quality time with children, communication is greatly enhanced. Each generation learns from the other.

Sharing the experience of e-biking fosters much greater levels of sharing and communicating, with barriers dropping as new sights and venues are enjoyed. Spending healthy time together boosts everyone’s circulation and “brainpower” too!

Demonstrate Healthy Behaviors for Children

Children learn by example. If a parent, older sibling, or grandparent is patterning healthy behaviors in the great outdoors, and staying open to new, shared, experiences, children will follow the lead. They will feel comfortable with adventure and stepping out of their comfort zone.

Taking family trips and sharing everyday adventures are more easily planned when you have e-bikes on which to take tours. Parents can keep up with children, and children can keep up with parents and grandparents, because of the assistive nature of e-biking.

Making Cycling FUN and Safe

When introducing your children to biking, it is key to remember that the first thing is to ensure that they, and you, have fun. The goals are not distance, speed, endurance, or proficiency. They are pure enjoyment, seeing new things, and sharing the outing together.

So, prepare for FUN. Make sure everyone gets enough sleep the night before your outing. Invest in snug helmets and other essential accessories. Check the weather, dress appropriately, and don’t forget to wear bright colors if you can. Bring a picnic basket or other provisions. And don’t forget to pack a small first-aid kit, just in case, to patch up any small scrapes or cuts.

Completely familiarize yourself with all the aspects and features of your e-bikes and teach your children and teenagers on their safe use. Most of us learn by doing, as well as listening. So, keep your instructions short, and your first trips short, too, as children familiarize themselves with the features of their bikes.

We Can Help!

Experts in e-biking, our teams can help with training, safety, and appropriate purchases of e-devices, and accessories, to help you have the best of family bonding experiences. Come and visit with us, in-person, and bring your whole family!


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