Explaining Our Service Process

Great Lakes Segway is deeply invested in service, with a dedicated service center for all of your service, repair and preventative maintenance needs! We have served customers from around the United States, along with countries around the world.

As a Segway Level 3 Service and Repair Center, GLS is the official warranty center for the Segway PT, along with the other products that we sell. Our clients include everyone, from police departments, large security firms, tour companies, and mall complexes, to individual PT owners that just love their machines.

Our service process is simple, with our nationwide EZ Ship program. We can send you all the boxes and shipping labels needed to get your machines to GLS, and all you need to do is pack up your Segway. Once the package arrives at our service center, we perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation to get to the root of any issues. We contact you to explain the issues, and proceed as requested from there on any repairs. As machines are completed, they are packed in the same box and sent back out to you! From single machines to fleets, Great Lakes Segway is here to provide the finest customer care and repair service in the country.

We are here to service all Segway PTs, from the Gen 1 to the newest SE. Working directly with FedEx, GLS is able to ship directly from your address to our service center, nationwide. Call us today at 248-859-5057 to get your machines running smoothly again!

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