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Pedego E-Bikes & Public Safety

Pedego E-bikes And Law Enforcement

In addition to our Patroller Segway products, Pedego E-bikes are a great option for law enforcement agencies, private security offices, colleges and universities, and even fire departments (more on that in later blogs)! The goal of the Pedego Patroller is to allow officers to arrive faster, experience less fatigue, and cover more ground while patrolling.  

Pedego Patroller

Built on the body of a Pedego Ridge Rider, the Patroller e-bike is a unique product to support you on the job. As the current #1 law enforcement electric bike, the Pedego Patroller represents one-stop shopping for all public safety needs. Check out some of the outstanding features that only the Pedego Patroller has: 

Pedego Ridge Rider displays “POLICE” down its frame ✅

Throttle to support quick acceleration ✅

Automatic Pedal Assist System (up to 5 levels) ​​✅

500-watt geared motor that allows you to go up to 20mph ✅

Quickly and easily speeds its rider up hills ✅

20-speed drivetrain ✅

Powerful battery that offers up to 60 miles per charge ✅

Hydraulic disc brakes ✅

Sirens and flashing lights ✅

Be Part Of The Change

It is crucial to the growth of healthy, thriving communities that everyone is kept safe. That is why we are honored and thankful to vigorously support brave law enforcement teams with innovative mobility solutions.

We will always continue to partner closely with law enforcement and public safety agencies because YOU deserve only the best personal mobility products. 

Pedego Walled Lake & Law Enforcement

Are you ready to take your patrolling to the next level? Pedego Walled Lake has your back. We have access to the best Pedego e-bikes, specifically created and designed with public safety officials in mind. Call us at (248) 896-2600 to learn more! 

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