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What is a Class 2 Bike?

One question that comes up frequently at Pedego Walled Lake is what exactly electric bikes are. Are they purely electric or can you pedal them as well? How fast do they go? Where can I ride them?

We want to help answer our most frequently asked questions, so that you can learn before you ride.

First up, all of our Pedego electric bikes are rated Class 2, which means two things: the top motorized speed on the bike is 20 mph, and the bike comes with a thumb throttle.

Michigan has a general speed limit of 20 mph on so many trails, recreation facilities and outdoor adventure opportunities, making our bikes trail legal virtually everywhere you ride. Some trails, such as Kensington Metropark, have bike speed limits of 10 mph on certain trails, for example.

Class 2 bikes specifically both have a pedal assist system, along with a throttle. Both work with the motor to allow the rider to decide how much pedaling they would prefer to do. The pedal assist system only activates when the rider is pedaling, while the throttle can get the bike moving at any time.

Different states and recreational areas have varying rules regarding ebikes so be sure to verify with your local parks and trails! We recommend spending as much time in the outdoors as possible and have some resources to share – feel free to come into our showroom or watch this space for some trail recommendations around Michigan!

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