Cognition, Well-Being, and E-Cycling

The rise of U.S. mental health issues, mood disorders, and cognitive decline has soared, accelerated by the enforced isolation of the three-year Covid-19 pandemic. Compounded by brain aging for key populations, cerebral deterioration and debilitating anxiety have reached the status of a silent epidemic.

There’s good news, though. Healthcare experts have been able to propose numerous positive interventions for these problems, and E-bikes are an important piece of those solutions! In fact, one renowned health care expert characterizes cycling as “fertilizer for the brain.”


Depression and anxiety levels have significantly risen over the last few years. Yet, in a polarized world where angst has become more norm than exception, joyful and balanced humans are needed more than ever. E-cycling can help! Many of our customers know that cycling reduces disquiet, engenders happiness, and tames lasting mental health symptoms, including debilitating panic disorder.

Frequently, our customers report immediate, significant mood improvements when they use their Pedego and Segway e-mobility machines. It makes sense. When e-biking, your body releases neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, as well as endorphins. These organic hormones increase joy and elevate positive feelings. Your body also benefits from a healthy dose of Vitamin D when you are outdoors.

The international journal Transportation Research published an important 2019 study that found a strong link between cycling and positive behavior. Additionally, regular cycling has been linked to stress reduction in numerous studies, including one published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, which found that cyclists experience much lower levels of stress than non-cyclists.


Every mission in life necessitates human creativity. Painters, programmers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, investors, musicians, inventors, CEO’s, accountants, educators, doctors, actors, lawyers, producers, nurses, technicians, consultants, researchers, health aides, scientists, engineers, and all levels of business and organizational leaders need the ability to generate novel approaches to work and the desire to agilely participate in positive creation for progress. A study published in Scientific Reports found a distinct link between exercise, including cycling, and the brain’s “executive function,” which fires up innovative ideas and inspires deep thought.

As productive people age, their brains age, too. Over time, cognizance and memory may decline. Fortunately, proactive Baby Boomers and seniors may be able to preserve working memory and elevate cognition through safe, regular e-cycling. In a Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research study, participants showed very marked improvement in memory, planning and reasoning after just 30 minutes of cycling. 


The organic fitness of the human brain is inexorably connected to mental health. Improve your brain, and mental health disorders can be reduced.

A 2019 breakthrough study on brain aging from the National Center for Biotechnology Foundation has demonstrated that regular exercise and environmental stimulation strongly improve cognitive function. For 8 weeks, a total of 100 older adults (aged 50–83) took part in the study. Twenty-six did not cycle; thirty-six used conventional bikes; thirty-eight used an e-bike. All cyclists rode for thirty minutes, three times per week, outdoors. E-bike participants excelled. They improved in mental processing speed compared to non-cycling participants and significantly improved mental health scores compared to non-cycling participants, and slightly above conventional cyclists, too!

How does this work? E-cycling fires neurons, which boost Noggin, a brain protein that supports healthy brain functions and can abate neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Blood vessels also open further when cycling, which vastly improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen feeding the brain. E-bikes exercise a human’s motor skills as well, imparting a feeling of expertise and mastery. Using an e-bike regularly makes the whole cycling process safer and easier, since participants can rely on an optional motorized mechanism to help complete arduous outdoor rides.


It’s simple. Exercise produces brain and mood benefits. Vitamin D provides health benefits. E-cycling, using your Pedego or Segway machine, delivers both! At Great Lakes Segway, Walled Lake Pedego, Segway of Central Florida, and Mount Dora Pedego, our expert teams can help you select and actively use your new e-cycle to help increase your joy and protect your brain. Find us at:


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Get smarter and happier.

Stay smarter and happier.

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