Strengthen Your Touring Business – Use The Segway!

The lure of traveling to faraway or proximate places is spreading like wildfire in the post Covid-19 world.

Everyone who can afford to is planning a vacation, a weekend getaway, or convenient, affordable daytrips to explore new destinations. Some plans involve getting more familiar with the cities, towns, villages, and landmarks with which the tourist is already acquainted, or where they live. There is always more to know and see, and most people are itching to travel, grow and learn — affordably.

This is a golden opportunity for tour operators and the customers they serve. In the Covid era, so many promising tour guides, tour companies and tour teams had to sit on the sideline, waiting for quarantines to cease and imposed isolation to lift. That wait is over. Aggressive touring has commenced again, and individuals and families are excited to travel in the easiest way possible. From Generation Z itching to discover new vistas, to Millennials needing a break and to Baby Boomers striving to continuously learn and evolve through travel and education, most people are excited about tours, and the fun they can have on them!

To us, the best way to serve your touring enthusiasts is by deploying Segways. The benefits of using Segway touring devices are multiple:

  • Segway sx2 or sx1 Personal Transporters are well-proven and safe touring devices, perfected over 20 years.
  • Segways are good for the planet, featuring zero emissions.
  • Segways offer the ability to navigate narrow streets and roads, as well as scenic, expansive routes.
  • It is easy to teach a novice how to operate and maneuver a Segway on a tour.
  • With a single charge, a Segway Personal Transporter can navigate up to 24 miles before needing to be recharged — the perfect distance for a half-day tour.
  • Agile and versatile, Segways have demonstrated that they can be easily controlled by tourists and tour guides of all ages, sizes, and motor skill.
  • While the original Segway Transporters have been discontinued from manufacturing (as of July 2020), there is an abundance of refurbished units in the second-hand market and new models in inventory, to add to the touring company fleet at any time.
  • Segways are affordable to both acquire and maintain. And, at Great Lakes Segway and Segway of Central Florida, we can help you grow your touring endeavor from both those perspectives.

In 2023, the enthusiasm for deploying Segways to enable tours is unabated. Across the U.S.A., over 320 tours are offered daily or periodically using Segways. Across the globe, that number almost doubles. The reasons for that phenomenon are obvious. Segways are classic and iconic, symbolizing ease of use, safety, fun, and adventure, from the ground up!

Want to learn more about how to expand your touring business? Great Lakes Segway originated from our own “try and buy” experience, as we established our first touring businesses in several states, before moving headlong into retail sales and service. We truly empathize with dedicated tour operators and tour company owners, and are happy to share our experience with you, as well as direct you to the best Segway units in stock to meet your needs.

We have also evolved to become #1 Segway service experts, and function as a Level 3 nationwide service center for Segways. This means there is not a Segway maintenance nor service issue we cannot address. Additionally, we offer a streamlined, easy-to-use EZ ship system so you can efficiently get your Segway PT to us for repair. We guarantee your unit will be diagnosed, fixed, and returned to you within 2 weeks, in any season.

Our goals are to help you build your touring business, reduce your touring company downtime, and boost your overall profits. And we always meet our goals. At Great Lakes Segway, and Segway of Central Florida, that is simply “how we roll.”

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