New Year’s Resolution – A Pedego Step-By-Step Guide

New Year’s Resolution – A Pedego Step-By-Step Guide

Change isn’t easy. It requires hard work, dedication, and determination to positively transform.  As we head into 2023, we think about what we want to improve like our diet, health, relationships, careers, and more. Often, we take on too many goals, which causes us to get overwhelmed and stressed–ultimately leading to quickly abandoning our New Year’s Resolutions.

According to The Healthy, the top five New Year’s Resolutions are getting into shape, losing weight, enjoying life to its fullest, spending less money, and spending more time with people you love. Rather than trying to tackle all of these in one year, choose one, and set yourself up for success rather than failure. 

For this example, let’s choose personal mobility, which usually results in getting into shape and attaining better health. 

Now that we have our goal, let’s break down the steps to help us achieve it. 

How To Incorporate Electric Personal Mobility Into Your Everyday Life

Set Yourself Up For Success: Plan Ahead

More often than not, you’ve gotten lost in the world of daydreaming about the “what ifs.” What if I can achieve this goal? What if I can achieve this dream? And so forth. But what if we shifted that mindset? Instead of thinking about the “what ifs,” we should take the time to meticulously plan to achieve this goal. 

Rather than waiting until the last second, break the large goal into smaller goals along the way to help track your progress. Come up with 3 small and achievable tasks along the way to your ultimate goal of integrating personal mobility into your life. These can be anything from:

1). Find local bike paths or routes to explore

2). Ride your bike to work or to grab groceries instead of taking your car or local public transportation 

3). Get outside for at least 30 minutes a day

When you are ready ahead of time, you can focus extra time on your New Year’s Resolution and each day can contain small increments that help you progress toward your goal. 

Plan For The Worst But Hope For The Best

While ultimately, you’re trying to implement personal mobility into your everyday lifestyle, life isn’t linear.  So, plan for some imperfect days along the way. But don’t let a few missed days prevent you from getting back on track. 

Jump In And Start

While planning is good, don’t waste time on getting to a perfect roadmap, and prevent yourself from starting toward your goal. Whether you want to start your goal on January 1st, the middle of the year, or even the end of December, you don’t need a perfect plan or start date to take steps toward achieving your desired result.

Write Down Your Progress

Similarly to any other goal, you should track your progress. Maybe you could only ride a bike for 5 minutes and then use the bike’s motor for the rest of the trip, at the beginning. If you keep track and keep pushing yourself, then before you know it, you’ll be riding without the e-bike motor and only using it for extremely steep hills. 

We often feel like we’re not making any movement towards our goals and dreams. But imagine tracking your progress for a whole year and being able to compare where you started and where you’ve ended! When you work hard, there will be a change. 

Don’t Give Up

Did you know that research shows on average, an individual gives up on their New Year’s resolution(s) after only two weeks? We all have days where we want to give up. Don’t! It will get better. It’s okay if a day is not perfect.  We all have slips and days that we don’t feel like moving our bodies. Take a day or two and then get back to work. It’s all about consistency, not perfection.

Top Pedego E-Bikes For Personal Mobility  

Here are just a few of many unique Pedego e-bike brands that are perfect for helping you achieve your personal mobility goals. To learn more about what is currently available in-store, contact the location nearest to you (information at the bottom)! 

Pedego Trail Tracker

If you live in a place where it snows a lot, don’t let the winter stop you from hitting the trails. Our Trail Tracker is the monster truck of electric bikes. It can go places and do things that no other bike can. These 4″ wide tires empower you to float over even the most treacherous terrain, including sand, mud, and even snow!

Pedego Element | Fat Tire

Sporty yet comfortable frame ✔️

Quality that lasts ✔️

Complete package with everything you need ✔️

Our Pedego Element is ready to take you on an adventure! 

Pedego City Commuter | Platinum Edition

The City Commuter Platinum edition embodies luxury meeting comfort–transforming your city ride! 

Pedego Boomerang

The Pedego Boomerang is known as one of the most accessible e-bikes ever. The ultra-low, step-thru frame makes it simpler for a wide variety of people to ride with ease. 

Pedego Interceptor 

Bright Lights ✔️

LCD Display ✔️

Sturdy Wheels ✔️

Easy Pedaling ✔️

Hydraulic Brakes ✔️

Smooth Ride ✔️

Our Interceptor Platinum Edition has it all! 

Setting New Year’s Resolution With Pedego Walled Lake & Pedego Mt Dora

Are you ready to take your New Year’s resolutions to the next level? Pedego Walled and Pedego Mt Dora have the best Pedego e-bikes, specifically created and designed with personal mobility in mind. Call the closest location for more information: Walled Lake, MI (248) 896-2600 and Mt Dora, FL (352) 383-9900! 

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