New Year’s Resolution Step-By-Step Guide: Segway Edition

New Year’s Resolution Step-By-Step Guide: Segway Edition 

Almost like clockwork, as we head into 2023, we hear about New Year’s resolutions, goals, dreams, and aspirations. Everyone becomes excited about what the new year will bring;  but more often than not, after two weeks, a large number of people give up, or forget, about their resolutions.

Rather than overload yourself with goals for life, relationships, careers, health and wellness, our advice is to choose one goal this year.  Then focus on it. Research shows this will dramatically increase your likelihood of success!  And we suggest you consider focusing on personal mobility, with all the health and wellness benefits it will bring. 

How To Incorporate Personal Mobility Into Your Lifestyle 

Make A Plan

Just like anything in life, making a plan helps keep you organized with your “eyes on the prize.” Create a list of small goals that you want to complete along the way. Break it up into smaller steps and achievements.  Seeing steady, incremental progress will help maintain motivation, as you reach for success.

Don’t Be Afraid To Just Go For It

There’s no such thing as failure. While no one is successful all the time, not meeting your goal or taking a different path than you had planned doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It’s essential to remember that while your plan might not always go as you originally envisioned, you still need to move towards your end goal–even if it means a slight or large pivot. Ultimately, don’t let fear stop you from making progress. 

Keep Track Of Progress 

While periodically tracking progress can get tedious at times, systematically doing it allows you to see how far you’ve come. It also helps you identify any obstacle, or pattern, that needs correcting before the deterrent becomes ingrained. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and can only start by getting outside 2 or 3 times a week. When you fast forward to the 6 or 12-month mark, you should be able to see a huge increase in frequency and length of time you’re spending on personal mobility and personal health each week. 

Top Segway & Ninebot Products For Personal Mobility 

Here are just a few of the many Segway and Ninebot brands that are perfect for helping you achieve your personal mobility resolution. To learn more about what is currently in stock at our Michigan and Florida stores, contact the location closest to you (information is at the bottom)! 

Segway X2

If you want to explore the great outdoors this coming year, then our Segway X2 personal transporter is PERFECT for you! It has ATV-style tires that can handle most terrains and is ready to take you anywhere! 

Segway i2

Our Segway i2 integrates function, style, and fun! It’s perfect for exploring your local community and trails. Allowing for 24 miles per full charge, our Segway i2 lets you go farther before the day’s adventure has to come to an end. 

Ninebot KickScooter MAX

The Ninebot Kickscooter MAX is the most sturdy and powerful electric scooter out there. It’s ideal for college students, traveling around town, or riding to work. You can go up to 18.6mph and ride for 40.4 miles (depending on riding style and terrain), and only have a charge time of 6 hours, so if you’re looking for a small yet powerful machine, then the Kickscooter MAX is perfect for you!

MAX mobility, MAX quality, MAX versatility, MAX portability. 

Ninebot S-Plus

Our Ninebot S-Plus is a comfortable and convenient ride you can enjoy, in no time! The Ninebot S-Plus is an intelligent and self-balancing alternative mobility vehicle. You’ll never want to stop riding it!

Setting New Year’s Resolution With Great Lakes Segway & Segway Of Central Florida

Are you ready to start working towards your personal mobility and health goals? Great Lakes Segway and Segway of Central Florida have top-rated Segway and Ninebot products to help you spend more time outside just waiting for you. Call the closest location for more information: Walled Lake, MI (248) 896-2600 and Mt Dora, FL (352) 383-9900! 

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